Get Beautiful Ideas of Timber Handrails for Stairs


Stairs are very important element of any home. If it is made in a luxurious way, then it can be a centerpiece of the entire decor of your home. The styles of the stairs continuously change with modern tastes. The interior designs are recently focusing their designs to showcase the handrail for stairs. The design and the style are very important in these handrails. There are different things that contribute to the elegant staircase. The base element of the handrail is safety but now the focus has changed a bit to the elegance of the interior of the house. The options available are numerous that comes in different shapes and sizes.

Why Timber Handrails?

The timber can resist the load that is distributed uniformly.  It can be used in all staircases. It is highly durable as it is coated with colorless lacquer. This finish with lacquer ensures that it can be easily kept clean. Since the material is colored throughout, it cannot be chipped or scratched away. The timber rails have the characteristics of thermal conductivity; it is more comfortable to hold. There is a wide range of timber finishes as a choice of material. This gives an opportunity to meet the latest guidelines. The wide range of colors gives the makers a huge scope for handrails. The contrast goes well with the background.

 Features of Handrail Stair Design

  • A timber staircase is an opportunity to show designs for the sake of innovation. But in spite the stairs is a desire among homeowners to create a center of attraction in the house, it must be safe also.
  • There are serious falls that might be a reason of risk. The falls can be serious like slipping down the stairs. Accidents must be reduced by attending to the characteristics of the staircase.
  • The rise and the entire position of the stairs can affect the ability of the users. It should be made in such a way that the stair can be used safely. The stairs should be used without tripping and slipping. But if at all they begin to fall, they should be able to use the handrail to steady themselves and avoid
  • There are many accidents that occur by an under- step and over step. The key cause of over stepping and under stepping is when there is inconsistency in the rise and going of a stair. The variations between the steps are unexpected so handrails of timber are important.

Types of Timber Handrails

  • If you are looking a timber handrail for stairs, then you must be sure about the exact profile. The wooden handrail profiles are one of the easy ways that will help you in timber rails.
  • There are other components that are used around wooden handrail to create timber handrail. The designer rail is another type of system that is a combination of warmth of timber and style. You can choose from a wide range of timbers as well as other stainless steel fittings.
  • The heritage handrail is another type of timber handrails that is available in different parts. It is a procedure where continuous timber hand railing can be produced.
  • The mono rail is a modern type of handrail that really looks great. It can be combined with stainless steel balustrade.
  • It is the zip bolt connector that makes it easy for the homeowners to join the handrail to a post or any other handrail components. This makes the process very simple.

The features described above are representative of the issues affecting the safe use of stairs.

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