Mattress Protector, is it really necessary?

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You may have heard of a mattress protector but might not be aware of all the benefits of using one. They can go by a lot of different names including dust mite covers, mattress encasings, or bedding enclosures. However, they all mean the same thing. A mattress protector has several important functions: It works to protect the mattress, prevent exposure to dust mites, and to increase bedding comfort. A mattress protector is a product that fits securely onto the mattress of your bed. It has a zippered side which allows you to completely enclose the mattress in the protector. Most mattress protectors can be laundered at home with no special need for dry cleaning. A mattress protector is ordered in the same size as you would purchase sheets (i.e. twin size, full size, etc.).

A mattress protector functions to protect the bed mattress. Because a mattress protector is waterproof, it will repel liquids. This is especially helpful with babies and young children, as night time wetting accidents can stain and ruin the mattress. Our mattresses are each about 8 years old, but because we’ve used the mattress protectors on them, they still look new. By using a mattress protector you can help to extend the life of your bed mattress.

More importantly, if you happen to own a japanese futon bed, a mattress protector will surely help you to avoid buying bed mattresses more often. This means added income to you since the money for buying a new one can be used for other beautification things to make your home standout.

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A mattress protector is essential to those who suffer from allergies to dust. Dust mites live in bed mattresses. These microscopic cousins of the spider thrive in bedding and can cause allergic symptoms. A mattress protector works by sealing in the dust mites, so the particles cannot become airborne where they can cause allergy problems. We use mattress protectors on all the beds in our home. We’ve also enclosed the box springs with mattress protectors as well. It has really seemed to help with the allergy symptoms as we have a lot of dust mite allergies in our family.

A mattress protector increases the comfort of the bed. Many mattress protectors are available in natural cotton and can offer some extra padding to those who desire it. These mattress protectors are very lightweight and comfortable. We purchased ours at our local Target in the bedding department but you can also find them online at specialty allergy stores. The ones we purchased have lasted for over 5 years now. We’ve laundered them and they come out looking just as good as new.

The benefits mentioned above are only among the few that the mattress protector can give you. Spending extra money for mattress protector is actually saves you money in the long run. So don’t hesitate to buy one.

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