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Factors That Play a Role in Selecting the Best Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless shower screens can be easily cleaned because there is no place for the soap scum to get collected and visual interruptions are eliminated. These doors are generally more expensive (close to 40% more than doors with frames) because they are usually made to fit in properly using glass panels that are thick, which act as supports in the absence of frames. Some of the factors that play a very crucial role in selecting good frameless shower screens are:


Understanding the different types of frameless screens

The diverse types of frameless designs are:

Identifying the type of glass

All glass screen should be made up of tempered glass, which is more tough and stronger than a standard one and if it is broken gets split into very small rounded pieces. Glass is also available in etched, clear, patterned with designs, textured, or frosted for better privacy.  The minimum thickness of frameless shower screens should be 3/8 inches with ¾ or ½ inch, which are considered for sturdier options. A standard tempered glass comes with a slight green tint. A low-iron glass that gives out a tint can be opted for even though it costs twice as that of a standard tempered glass.  An acrylic panel can be chosen sometimes for a shower door. While this option is less costly, they can be scratched very easily and usually require a lot of cleaning to avoid fogging and discoloration.

Finish and hardware for frameless shower screens

Selecting a suitable style and finish for the hardware, such as a polished or oiled bronze, to map back to the faucets and other types of hardware in the bathroom is a challenging as well as an enjoyable task.

Measuring carefully

Hiring a professional to measure the frameless shower screens enclosure is a clever idea. If the user is planning to replace a hinged single door or a swinging door, or a sliding door, the height and the width of the opening should be measured twice for better accuracy.

Taking the budget into consideration

A basic mistake made by many users is that they do not consider the budget before buying a screen. To avoid this, a careful study should be carried out. If the budget does not allow for the screen, the user should not go for it. The user should be very realistic with respect to the money that he should be willing to spend.

In addition to all of this, it is very important for the user to consider the number of people using the shower. If the number of people is more, then it is more likely for the frameless shower screen to experience wear and tear. Overall, the tips listed above do not guarantee a perfect shower screen, however they provide a good starting point.

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