The Essential Home Appliance Maintenance List

Essential Home Appliance Maintenance List

Last Updated on September 22, 2023 by Kravelv

The home is where the heart is, so practicing proper care and maintenance is important to preserve its beauty and integrity. Here’s an essential home appliance maintenance list for every homeowner.

Inspect Your Attic and Exhaust Fans

When your home has an attic, inspecting for moisture accumulation is important. This can result from a potential leak in your roof and cause mold and mildew accumulation. You also want to clean your attic exhaust fans every few years to prevent grime and dirt buildup.

Furthermore, clean your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans at least once a year to maintain proper air quality and deter allergens. Lastly, kitchen fans require cleaning every six months; remove and soak them for an hour in a vinegar solution and then scrub off any grime.

Practice Proper AC Unit Care

Your air conditioning unit is one of the most important appliances keeping your home comfortable during the warmer months. Unfortunately, ignoring issues and maintenance can lead to expensive problems. If your AC unit keeps shutting down, there are a few reasons to explain it. Firstly, not cleaning the air filter regularly can result in your AC unit working harder, causing it to shut down. Other reasons can include AC refrigerant leakage, oversized AC units for your home, and poor system location.

You also want to clean out your central vacuum system’s dirt canister every six months or more if you heavily rely on it. Lastly, inspecting for smelly odors and pungent smells can lead to finding underlying problems, so check for leaks and moisture accumulation in cases of mold and mildew.

Maintain Your Washer and Dryer

Homeowners often depend on their washing and drying appliances to keep their clothes stain-free and smelling fresh. However, they can wear down over time, especially if you don’t practice proper maintenance. Ensure you replace your hoses every three to five years, as they can wear down and accumulate leaks. They’re essential home appliances to maintain throughout the year, so ensure you monitor them if they’re older.

Furthermore, ensure both units are level to the ground and adjust their feet if they sit off balance. Your dryer is also important to maintain, so clean the lint from the lint trap after every cycle. Not doing so can become a fire risk, leading to home destruction and thousands of dollars in damage. Inspect for any kinks in the exhaust duct or exterior vents to ensure it’s working properly.