Maintaining Indoor Air Quality: Handy Way To Ensure Hygiene

Last Updated on April 16, 2022 by Kravelv

When we think about the air quality, we usually think about the condition of the outside atmosphere. However, the air quality inside the room and around the buildings and structures holds more importance. This is because it is directly linked to your health and overall well-being.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, around 24 million people are affected by asthma, which includes approximately 6.8 million children. These figures clearly state the importance of maintaining good air quality.

Why is it important to maintain fresh air inside the room?

A great section of Americans spend a lot of time in offices and homes with mechanical heating, cooling, and HVAC systems. Do you know that most health problems are caused by the air pollutants that are found inside the room? This includes second-hand smoke, radon, combustion pollutants, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, and pesticides.

As a homeowner, it should be your priority to consider identifying the air quality problems and solving them. This will not only maintain the fresh air but also fight against the environmental health hazards like asthma. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to remove these air pollutants. For this, you need to take some necessary steps and implement different ways. To know about it, you can

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Source Control

Source control is one of the cost-effective ways that is usually used to maintain air quality and remove unwanted air pollutants from your room. On the other side, if you consider increasing the ventilation it can result in increased energy bills.

UV air treatment: HVAC UV promotes healthy living by removing the allergens from your HVAC unit. The contamination of fungus is commonly found in the HVAC units. This gets transferred through the air ducts and causes building-related diseases in the offices, residences, and all other room environments. Whereas, many studies have confirmed that HVAC ultraviolet UV light can not only control the fungus, eliminate the odors but also improve the airflow and efficiency.

Change your AC filter: The air conditioners at your home play a very important role in providing you with the temperatures that you want for your home. While performing their function, they separate out some of the common pollutants inside your home. This results in the impairing of the filters. To have good air quality, it is important to change your AC filters and save your Ac from costly repairs.

Each one of us faces a lot of health risks in our day-to-day lives. Out of which, a number of risks cannot be avoided. But, when it comes to removing the air pollutants. We can play our part.

Maintaining indoor air quality is a critical concern, whether it is your office or your home.  incorporating a fresh air system can not only reduce the pollutants but also significantly reduce the toxins and allergens. Thus, we suggest you maintain the indoor air quality and have a healthier environment.