Essential Benefits of an Evaporative Air Conditioner

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Various kinds of equipment are available in the market for climate control and air conditioning. Amongst the lot, the evaporative cooling system works the best for many cases. The evaporative cooling provides the best temperature relief with utmost energy efficiency. This energy-efficient temperature relief occurs on any scale in industrial and commercial environments.

evaporative air conditioner

Evaporative air conditioners are more economical than conventional ones, up to 80%. The evaporative cooling systems have proved immense operational returns and cost reductions across various industries. While the traditional air conditioners use recirculated air, evaporative air conditioners circulate fresh air. It also helps push out the stale hot existing air forcefully within the room or building space.

The evaporative air conditioning system is ideal for many large-scale industries. It is immensely efficient and effective because various industries require regular changes in the air. Some of the sectors where evaporative air cooling is beneficial are:

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Garages and workshops
  • Industrial plants
  • Kitchens and restaurants
  • Open areas
  • Breeding facilities and animal farms

Top 5 Benefits of an Evaporative Air Conditioner

An evaporative air conditioner uses evaporation for cooling the prevailing warm air. A pump is installed within the air conditioner, which helps in circulating water from the reservoir. The water is carried over to the cooling pad, making it damp. The fan placed within the equipment draws external air through the wet and moisturized cooling pads. And when the air passes through the pad, the surrounding air cools up through evaporation.

Evaporative cooling is immensely effective as every cooling pad remains saturated continuously whenever operational. And thus, the system fan helps deliver the perfect airflow and circulation throughout the space. If you are thinking of investing in an evaporative air conditioner, this article is for you. We will be discussing the top five benefits that an evaporative cooling system delivers us. Keep on reading to know more about it.

1. Delivers Fresh and Pure Air

Most of us get carried away, emphasizing the temperature of an air conditioner. And as a result, we almost forget about the air quality in which we are cooling ourselves and surviving. You will see that many doctors recommend not to stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time. The air present within the space is circulated, thereby cooling up the room. As the existing air is not fresh, it is immensely harmful.

So we don’t require the interiors to be cool, but we also want them to remain fresh and healthy. And that is where evaporative air conditioners beat the conventional ones. Unlike conventional air conditioners, evaporative air conditioners supply fresh air to every nook and corner. It is built so that it doesn’t circulate the same air that is present within the room.

Due to the circulation of fresh air, pathogen elimination is high. The evaporative air cooling system ensures that the existing air is thoroughly filtered out, giving completely fresh air. Thus the stale air will not linger and decrease the presence of toxic substances and allergens in the air.

2. Affordable Cooling System

Most people prefer evaporative air conditioners because of their affordability. Besides being affordable, it is immensely effective for air cooling. This equipment comes at a way lower price than conventional air conditioners.

The affordability of evaporative air conditioners is not just limited to the price. It is also highly affordable to install a cooling machine. Hiring an expert to install your cooling system is both time and money consuming. As all models are easy to install, the best part is doing it yourself.

But if you require the guidance of a professional to get the system installed, you will be minimally charged. An evaporative cooling system is very easy to maintain. You can also check out some easy tips and tricks for taking care of your air conditioner.

3. Refines and Improves Humidity

There are some days of the year when a hot and dry climate prevails. It becomes very exhausting to survive during those days. But if you have an evaporative air conditioner at your bay, things will ease up. It will provide the right amount of humidity and enhance comfort.

Since evaporative cooling uses air and water simultaneously, the humidity is balanced within the room. On the other hand, this cooling system tends to lower the air temperature. It can also remove all the toxic substances from the air, making it fresh and pure.

While conventional air conditioners reduce the moisture in the air, evaporative cooling does the opposite. You must also remember that it will not work with its total efficiency if the air is extremely humid.

4. Saves on Energy Consumption

It has been reported that the use of conventional air conditioners has increased substantially. And that has escalated the energy consumption. But if you use evaporative air conditioning, it will help you save a lot of energy.

You can use evaporative air conditioning for both commercial and residential purposes. It consumes up to 15 to 20% of the energy used by a conventional one. So you can save around 80% on your electric bills. This is probably the most effective way to remain cool during the summer days.

5. Environmental Friendly

Besides gaining personal benefits, evaporative cooling systems also benefit the environment. It is because it does not contain refrigerants and uses a natural cooling process. So there is no air pollution. And this machine also exerts less sound, so there is not much effect for sound pollution.

To Conclude

So if you are looking out for purchasing an evaporative air conditioner, go for it. It will be immensely beneficial for you as well as the environment. And you can also save energy, thereby lowering your electricity bills.

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