Entertainment Unit: A Harmonious Marriage of Functionality and Aesthetics

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

If you’re currently contemplating which entertainment unit to buy and how to arrange the room, don’t despair. Instead, you should be grateful that the quality of your home entertainment is about to improve immensely with the introduction of a modern entertainment unit.

By now, you’ve realised that choosing the right size of your TV and the place in the room are not the only concerns. For example, if you’re buying a cabinet for the TV, you also need to think about other stuff you need to store, such as books, souvenirs and family pictures. Is your old cabinet good or big enough or do you need to have a new one custom-made?

Finally, you have to be aware that a state-of-the-art living room TV entertainment unit is the focal point, primarily because of their sheer size. That means that other furniture and decorative items have to complement the style, which is why you might want to read the following tips.

Colours are crucial

You need to take into account all the existing colours in the room. Next, select the one you would like to use for your new cabinet, if you’re having one made. It doesn’t have to be the very same shade, but you should choose one from the same family.


Another way to go would be to create a strong contrast between the colour of the cabinet and the other colours in the room. This would give the room a more vibrant feel, if that’s what you’re after.

Currently, the most popular colours are neutral with high gloss, especially among those whose room is not quite big. If you want to create a unified look, use the colour of your wall for the cabinet as well. This also helps the room look bigger than it actually is.

Go eclectic

There’s absolutely no need for your entertainment unit should be made of the same material as your furniture. On the contrary, you should experiment with various finishes. If your furniture is wood, choose metal racks, glass doors or open cabinets. Similarly, if your furniture is minimalistic, adding a touch of wood would give warmth and cosiness to the room. How you combine different textures will be a reflection of your style and personality.

Play with geometry

Your unit may be designed to feature shapes that are different from those in the room. This is perfectly acceptable, since it can also provide interesting contrast and place even more emphasis on the focal point of the room. Sharp edges and right angles can be successfully combined with smoothly curved edges of your furniture.

Make it yours

Perhaps the most important thing after choosing the right type of the unit. Your living room TV entertainment unit should reflect your personality and style. Luckily, today you can choose from a wide range of colours for your cabinet and shelves, which means you can express yourself better.

One thing you have to be careful about, though, is not to go overboard. You don’t want to create a confusing environment, where different colours don’t create any harmony, but just a chaos.

Other elements in the room

Your chairs, rugs, sofas or cushions should follow suit. Try to have similar shades or textures if you want to create harmony, or something quite opposite, but complementary, if you want some contrast. The only rule is that it should all look well together, as a unit, rather than like a conglomerate of contrasting items.

So, now you can go back to selecting the right size, model or brand, comparing the features various units provide or trying to stretch your budget a bit more to be able to go one step up and buy that dream unit. Remember, those are worries that happy people have. For more info and ideas on entertainment units as well as all other furniture items check www.interiorsecrets.com.au.

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