Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning before winters in 2019

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Cleaner homes are happier and healthier homes. All of us rush into our warm and cozy homes during the cold days of winter. As the winters are just around the corner, you have to prepare your homes.

You will be spending a lot more hours sitting on your couch than at any other time of the year. It is essential to make sure that all of the items are thoroughly clean. The open doors of summers have let some spooky things in and your upholstery needs cleaning.

Most of the homeowners worry about the carpets but forget all other upholstery cleaning tasks. Hire professional upholstery cleaning services to clean the couches, chairs, mattresses, sectionals, ottomans, or anything else with fabric.

There are many good reasons to do cleaning regularly. Home experts suggest deep cleaning 2 to 3 times per year.

Importance of Upholstery Cleaning

  1. Health and Hygiene

You sleep on it, sit on it, gather around it for dinner and have fun over it. We are talking about your furniture and there are so many uses you can’t list them all. When so much of your time is spent on or near the furniture, it must be super clean.

The health and hygiene of your family must be your top-most priority. The only way to ensure healthier residents is to maintain cleaner carpets, furniture, and mattresses.

Regular cleaning is necessary to remove all the spooky things sitting on your carpet and couch! You might not be aware of the thousands of uninvited guests lurking over your mattress or couch.

An average couch can have dirt and dust accumulated on it. Grease or oil stains build up grime. The grime can stick all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and spores. The germs living over the furniture can get an easy way into your healthier bodies and cause havoc.

Homeowners should be more careful with upholstery cleaning when they own pets and have children.

Moreover, warm and humid indoor weather can sometimes cause mold buildup. The mold is associated with skin infections, eye irritations, and respiratory tract infections. It even worsens asthma symptoms.

If you are worried about the severe attacks of an asthmatic person in your home, try professional upholstery cleaning.

  1. Air Quality

Every spooky thing lurking in your indoor air can find a home in the upholstery fabrics. When the doors are closed for longer periods, as in winters, the air gets impregnated with such particles. The carpet and upholstery will contribute to the air quality as the particles stuck in the fibers get in the air.

On every contact with the fabric or furniture, you are leaving dead skin over it. The dead skin cells, allergens, and skin bacteria can inhabit the fabric. As soon as you tilt, slip or move the furniture, the air gets full of the dust, dirt, bacteria, mold spores and dead cells.

Dust mites love the soft fibers of upholstery for shelter and food. The shed their skin and leave behind feces which can be inhaled. Researchers have uncovered the fact that indoor air is far dirtier than the outdoor air. Now you know where it’s coming from!

Getting upholstery clean is gravely important for better indoor air quality.

  1. Aesthetic Value

Owing to the functionality and the traffic over the carpet and furniture, it gets dirty. It takes no time to get super dirty unless you are regularly cleaning. Normal aging and wear-and-tear of furniture fade the normal color and affect the look of these items. The overall aesthetic appeal of your home is seriously affected.


When you have kids or pets, or both of them, the stains are more likely to appear and stay. The couches collect the numerous stains and the carpets suffer from pet urine. The paw scratches and abuse tarnish the beauty of the carpet.

Deep cleaning removes all of the stains and you will be left with almost new furniture. Cleaning cannot repair the aging signs but it makes a huge difference. You will not have to feel embarrassed anymore and hide the stains with some blanket or pillow!

  1. Removal Of Odors

When you step into a home, one of the first things your brain senses is the odor of the area. The smells and odors leave a huge impact on the visitors as well as the residents. Have you ever felt an urgency to leave some home due to funky smells? Yes, you got it. The smell has such a strong impact on our lives. Dirty fabrics and carpets can produce unpleasant funky smells. They are not just unpleasant but can even affect your health.

A house with fresh and beautiful fragrances is welcoming for guests. You will receive a lot more compliments than a weird-smelling home.

The residing bacteria and mold can give off peculiar smells. It is important to get the carpets and furniture clean to remove these odors.

  1. Durability Of The Furniture

The stains and spills are unpleasant to look at. Another big disadvantage is that dirt and dust affect the life span of your furniture. It is abrasive and causes thinning of upholstery fabric. The microbes living on the fabric decompose the fibers to get food. All of these things contribute to the reduced life of your furniture.

The furniture is an investment and often quite expensive. You should care for it and strive to improve its longevity with a proper maintenance routine. Regular vacuuming is essential but is not sufficient for deep cleaning.

  1. Makes Up For The Damages

Emergencies and accidents can happen. Upholstery cleaning is important to make up for the damages inflicted by water, smoke or fire. The flooding can affect the carpets, couches, mattresses. Hire mattress cleaning services to ensure thorough cleaning.

You should keep it in mind that mold only needs 24 hours to start growing. It is no good to ignore such sensitive matters and risk the health and hygiene of your family. Say a warm welcome to winters with clean and fresh upholstery.

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