3 Really Easy Bathroom Improvement Projects For 2021


When we think about touching up the décor of our homes, we often don’t focus enough on the bathroom. Lots of people think that improving the look of their bathroom will be a costly endeavour and as such, just avoid it. But these people would be wrong, as there are plenty of cost effective ways to add some flair to your bathroom.

bathroom basins

Rather than looking at remodelling the bathroom or replacing your bath/shower, instead focus on the various furnishings in your bathroom that can be improved. Focusing on specific aspects of your bathroom for improvement is a lot more cost effective than trying to improve everything in the room. So, what’re some easy ways to add some pizzaz to your bathroom? Let’s find out!

Use Towels In Your Décor

There aren’t many furnishings for you to play around with in your bathroom, but there’s one thing that is abundant in bathrooms, towels! It’s likely you’ll have towels hanging up on a radiator, a dressing gown hanging on the door, as well as bath and toilet mats.

So, when you’re picking out new towels etc, try set up a colour scheme that will pair with the rest of your bathroom, then make sure all towels, mats, etc are all matching or atleast in complimentary colours. This will help add extra colour and reinforce your interior décor in your bathroom.

Add Extra Colour With Blinds

We have blinds in every room of our homes, but lots of people have blinds-less windows in their bathroom, while they aren’t always essential because bathroom windows are often frosted, they are a great and easy way of injecting some extra colour into your bathroom without making any big changes.

When choosing bathroom blinds, you’ll want to avoid soakable fabric blinds and wooden blinds as they may be damaged by the wetness of your bathroom and instead look for PVC roller blinds or aluminium venetian blinds which will fare better in a bathroom environment. You’ll have a wide range of choices for what colour your blinds are, so make sure they match up with the rest of the room’s decor

Break Out the Mood Lighting

Creating a good ambiance in your bathroom is incredibly important (especially if you like a good bubble bath) and one of the most important factors in making a nice relaxing environment is the lighting. Whilst you could just use the ceiling lights in your bathroom, they’re oftentimes very harsh and bright, which isn’t what you want when you’re trying to relax.

So to add some ambience to your bathroom, you can go down one of two avenues, either: candle light or coloured LED strip lights. Candles are low tech and create a nice relaxing atmosphere for you and scented candles can help supercharge your relaxation. Then with LED strip lights, you can just stick them around the edges of a room for some nice coloured light from below, just make sure that the lights you choose are waterproof.

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