8 Best Scholarships for Interior Designers in the US in 2021

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Whether an undergraduate or high school graduate, you want to make your immediate future clear. One of the common choices to pick in such a situation is enrolling in the desired course to boost your expertise and open doors to a dream career. However, there is a difficulty, as you need to afford the cost of your study. You can resolve this issue by getting a scholarship. A general requirement for the scholarship applicants is writing an essay.

If you are not sure that you can handle that alone, remember that there is a way out of frustration. You can opt for professional help with essay writing and relieve your stress. And if you are willing to get a grant for studying interior design, read this article properly to choose the best option.

1. Ruth Clark Furniture Design Scholarship

This is a much-desired grant for students who are dreaming of digging deep into design and art. It will be a meaningful gift for any talented student whose financial opportunities are not high enough to make their dreams of quality education come true. This scholarship honors Ruth Clark, a significant person and author of the first woodcraft book for girls. To get an opportunity to get a grant of USD 3,000 per year, an applicant should represent his or her accomplishments, awards, and recommendations. It is also essential to provide details on the applicant’s plans for the future.

2. Cal Grant

California is sponsoring a scholarship that allows MI students to get support on covering tuition fees. The program relates to such fields of study as vocational, interior design, and technical courses. To apply for Cal Grant, a student will require confirming and showing their need for financial assistance because of low income and some other asset ceilings. The scholarship includes up to USD 547 for books on design and up to USD 2,462 for studying at an educational establishment.

3. Mark P. Tiner Scholarship

Providing reliable support for interior design students, The Mark P. Tiner Foundation is aimed to allow talented designers to get quality education in the design field. This grant is very popular and desired by many students worldwide as it gives massive support in studying. It can be given to applicants who are gifted in the design field and willing to succeed in the industry but have financial limitations. The annual scholarship is up to USD 1,000.

4. NCA Creative Event Scholarship

This scholarship is an excellent opportunity for undergraduates who are creative and art-addicted. An applicant who is willing to get help has to record a short video up to one minute in length, summarizing their innovative design achievements and presenting the most valuable projects they bring to life. The possible annual amount of financial support in the desired field is up to USD 1,500. Note that this scholarship is only for US citizens.

5. Matheon Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is remarkable and desired by undergraduate students. Note that applying is open for postgraduate students as well. The scholarship committee carefully selects those who are willing to achieve a quality higher education in interior design, arts, and science. Such achievements as a high GPA are primary for applicants. The scholarship is open for US citizens and provides USD 1,000 annually.

6. Vercelli Voss Scholarship

Those students who continuously demonstrate accomplishments and progress in design and art are becoming candidates with a right to apply for this scholarship. Many applicants are willing to get the Vercelli Voss Scholarship, as it is open not only for US citizens but also for international students. The IFDA Educational Foundation Board, a founder of this program, states excellent design performance as the main requirement to consider. An application must contain an essay, recommendations, and design samples. The amount of financial help is USD 2,000.

7. Steven A. Parascandola Art Scholarship

Steven Parascandola was a remarkable person, and in 2008, his family established this grant. The scholarship named after this famous philanthropist is aimed to give talented applicants help in achieving their dreams of a successful career in interior design. This grant is annual and dedicated to broad cultural and creative boards that provide students with up to USD 500 for their projects and research annually.

8. Carid Scholarship Program

To get this financial support, students have to show their deep engagement in art and creativeness.
The scholarship committee will take into consideration students’ various achievements and qualities. Among them are the sense of aesthetics, inspiration sourcing, and design skills. The scholarship is open not only for US citizens but also for legal US residents. The amount of financial aid is USD 1,000 per year.


We hope these scholarships for interior designers will interest you and give a hint on how to enroll in your dream establishment. Believe in yourself and set goals that inspire you the most.

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