Approach To Designing A Custom Glass Shower Door

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Are you looking out to revamp the interiors of your bathroom? Voilà, it’s a great choice, folks! While you’re looking for some ideas, one option that you like the most is glass shower enclosure doors. These add a sense of modernism and elegance to your bathroom décor while uplifting the space. If you’re worried that it’s expensive, finding affordable shower doors is easier than you think if you look at the right places.

To ensure that the shower door is as functional and beautiful as it feels, home interior experts suggest keeping a minimalist design with practicality in mind.

Designing Custom Glass Shower Door

They’ve put together some pointers for making the planning process pretty easy. Some tips that’ll help you are:

  1. Choose the best spot for easy installation of your shower
  2. Pick the proper shower layout
  3. Ensure a water-tight and properly installed shower
  4. Try keeping the costs to the minimum

Now that you’re looking forth to designing your glass shower door, it’s essential to keep spacing in mind for a professional look and feel.

#Tip 1: Angles to Use:

Always plan your shower to be built using 90°, 135°, or 180° angles. Experts recommend designing shower hardware and fixtures in a manner that cleverly accommodates these angles. Thereby, always plan your shower keeping this point in mind for a cost-effective and adequately functioning installation.

# Tip 2: Adequate Support for Shower Hardware and Doors:

Ensure that the wall you wish to install a hinged shower door has proper studying behind it. Single 2×4 is acceptable, but experts suggest going in for double 2×4 as the best decision. Also, provide wood studs where the door hinge anchors, especially if you have metal studs used in the original wall construction.

#Tip 3: Shower Door Designs:

Always consider pitching shower floor pans and seats so that water drains to the drain area properly. The experts at Custom Glass Glazing Company suggest doing so to eliminate water from becoming stagnant. Thereby, pitch the curb sill on the knee walls, under the door or fixed panels, so there’s proper drainage.

Although the crystal clear glass doors are stunning to look at, however, know that these are difficult to keep if you have hard water. Nevertheless, you can offset the problem by adding textures to your frameless and frame shower glass enclosures.

#Tip 4: Shower Curb:

Decide if you wish to install the shower enclosure with the flush on a door or a curb. If you’re looking out to plan a handicap accessible shower enclosure, eliminating the curb is the most beneficial.

However, keep in mind that a properly constructed curb helps prevent water from pooling or leaking onto the bathroom door. Choose wisely!

#Tip 5: The Curb Slope:

Always keep the curb around the bottom of the shower inward, slanting at a 5- degree pitch so that the water flows towards the drain. Always note that a level curb causes the water to stand. In contrast, a curb that’s angled away from the drain causes water leakage onto the floor.

Thus, ensure competently keeping the slope to eliminate the chances of water damages and spillage.

#Tip 6: Plumb the Walls:

Walls that meet the glass panel or doors need to be completely vertical or plumb to prevent uneven joints, control gaps, and hinge bind.

And, this means that the wall can’t lean in any direction or be bellied. Any walls with more than ¼” out of the plumb usually shower face installation difficulties. It is because of the gaps that are most likely to leak. Thus, plumbing walls to prevent water leakage should be your number one priority.

The Bottom Line

Still, have questions triggering your mind about glass door designing and construction? Well, the best you can do is reach out to professionals who design and install glass doors. After all, you don’t want to compromise with quality.

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