Want To Give Your Bathroom A Makeover: Here Are 5 Things You Can Do

Last Updated on April 20, 2022 by Kravelv

 Many people often face a serious dilemma- They want to remodel their bathrooms, but do not want to break the bank for doing the same. This makes them put off the remodeling exercise indefinitely.

However, it is important to remember that you do not need to remodel your bathroom completely to make it look attractive. Home décor experts point out that sprucing up the bathroom can also be a simple and affordable exercise.

In this article, we will look at five ways, which can help you liven up your bathroom space. All these makeover tips are easy to do, will not take up a lot of time, and are moderately affordable.

5 Things you can do to give your Bathroom a Makeover: The List

  1. Change the Fittings in your Bathroom-

You might think that simply changing small elements like the fittings might not do much to the overall experience of your bathroom. However, in reality, they change the entire beauty and aesthetics, in addition to adding better functionality and longer durability.

For example, if you go for a Quality Kohler Luxstone Shower, you will immediately notice the difference. At the end of the day, a shower, which can relax you after a long day of work, is a great makeover product to invest in.

  1. Bring in the Plants-

Plants have a soothing, calming and almost mystical feel when added to any area of the house. However, they make their presence felt in the bathroom, where they just lift up the entire atmosphere. You might have seen how resorts always have plants in their bathroom spaces.

The feeling of freshness when you see a bright money plant in your bathroom in the morning is the best. Plants also help in absorbing toxins from the air, as well as releasing oxygen. There are many great indoor plant options, which are low-maintenance.

  1. Accessorise your Bathroom-

Small knick-knacks can make a world of difference towards creating an entirely new atmosphere within your bathroom. Things like a new washbasin mirror, some great props to hang the towels, and even a wind chime can be a great addition to your bathroom space.

Adding some small statues, oil and soap dispensers and even some baskets can not only add a great aesthetic touch but can also make your bathroom highly functional. Accessories are a cheap, fun and easy to do and maintain kind of a fix to your remodelling efforts.

  1. Change the Paint-Scheme of the walls-

When it comes to experimenting with Wall Art within the bathroom, most of us are quite conservative. We go for the whites, pastel shades and so on. However, there is no reason, why we can’t get fun and experimental in our imagination when it comes to wall paintings.

On spaces where you do not have water falling on the walls, you can go for decorative wallpapers. Even if you start with just one wall, that wall can offer many changes and uplift the surroundings. This will just be a small and inexpensive solution to your makeover.

  1. Investing in a New Bathtub-

Of all the things mentioned in the above-mentioned points, investing in a new bathtub is probably the most expensive makeover proposal. However, if you really want to reward yourself for a new business deal, or a well-deserved promotion and pay hike, there are very few sophisticated gifts, which you can give to yourself, then a bathtub.

A relaxing thirty-minute time in the bathtub can be highly relaxing and productive. It can calm your senses and open up your thoughts. In other words, it can be a great investment for people in the high-pressure corporate world.


The five things mentioned in the article do not require you to spend months on at the end, remodeling the bathroom. Nor do they require you to take dedicate a major portion of your savings towards the remodeling process. Can you think of some other ways, you can remodel the bathroom? Let us know below.

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