Does your AC need more refrigerant? Here is how to know

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Summers are in full swing. And air conditioners come to rescue against the scorching heat of the sun. But what if the AC is not in the best condition? How do you know if it needs maintenance or more refrigerant? Well, for this, you need an AC technician, but still, there are signs that you can look into and tell if your air conditioner requires more refrigerant.

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Keep reading to know more about these signs.

Insufficient cooling

Refrigerants help in cooling of the AC. It absorbs the heat from the indoor air and then blows off outside. Low levels of refrigerants are not able to absorb much heat from your home. And that is where your air conditioner goes on non-stop and never provides the cooling that is needed.

Low levels of it will lead the vents to blow out the warmer air. This can actually freeze the AC and turn into a big block of ice. This ice can block the airflow, thereby reducing the air coming out of the vents. For this, you can adjust the thermostat at a low temperature. If you still feel uncomfortable with the air, then there is some serious issue with your appliance.

High energy bills

If your energy bills have risen, but you have not made any crucial changes to the temperature of the home, then you need to look into the refrigerant. You may have a refrigerant leak. If this is the case, then you should turn off the unit and immediately call a backup. In this case, a cooling service plan benefits the condition of the AC, and it ensures that your cooling system is functioning properly and safely throughout the spring and summer.

What can be the other possible reasons for the high energy bill? Read further!


If your AC is more than ten years old, it can lead to high bills. Because with time, these appliances become less efficient, and they need to work longer—consequently, more bills.


Select the AC that goes well with your home. Too small air conditioners will have to work more, and too large will continuously turn on and off. Hence, both scenarios could lead to more cooling bills.

Air filter

If both of the above reasons don’t work, then pay attention to the air filter. If it is dirty and not in good condition, then it is the thing that restricts the airflow.

Strange noises

Have you ever come across strange noises coming out of the air conditioner? If yes, then this is high time to pay heed to it. The hissing or gurgling sounds indicate that there is a problem with the appliance, certainly a refrigerant leak. Don’t consider it as a minor thing. Usually, these minor things are the one that grows into major issues. If not dealt with properly, these issues can lead to a breakdown.

To sum it up

The above-mentioned are some of the signs that you can look into if your AC needs more refrigerant. Many homes do not have the necessary equipment to check the levels of it and determine the proper airflow. In this case, it is advisable to take the help of professionals. At last, ensure to maintain the AC in tip-top condition to enjoy the coolness in hot summer. 

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