How Often Should You Change Your HVAC Filter

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HVAC systems have an air filter to improve the quality of indoor air. This equipment needs to be changed or replaced when they are old. However, good HVAC can give you comfort in your house. So, as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to protect your house from any harmful occurrences that the HVAC system of your home might cause. You can always look for a residential air filters supplier such as Custom Filters Direct that can provide you with residential HVAC filters as well as commercial HVAC filters.

How Often Should You Change Your HVAC Filter

How Does an HVAC Air Filter Work?

If you own a house and you want to protect it from any danger, you should know how HVAC equipment works and moves air all over the house. It is a system used to move warm air into the home or out of the home. It works to heat, cool, or ventilate your home.

For heating the home, a furnace generates heat by using electrical energy or burning its fuel like gas, propane, or oil. A heat pump is another source to heat your home, which absorbs heat from the outdoor unit and moves it inside. An air conditioner or refrigerant is the cooling system of your house.

Whereas the air conditioner absorbs heat from within a home, a refrigerant that is either liquid or gaseous can get the heat out of your house. Ductwork is equipment to ventilate your house, which is directly connected to the heating and cooling system. These are the equipment to discharge the excess heat from your house.

How Often Should You Change Out the HVAC Air Filters?

You all should be very much aware of how often you should change the HVAC filter. The air filter doesn’t work efficiently if you can’t ensure its necessity. We can give you a probable estimate that you can use the air filters of an HVAC system for 90 days on average. Many experts recommend changing the HVAC Filter after 90 days of usage.

When to Change or Replace an HVAC Air Filter?

Consider using a good-quality air filter all the time. A quality purchase of an air filter might not have many adverse consequences. Moreover, the type of air filter also determines how often you need to change this equipment. Note that it is essential to replace the filter every 30 days with cheap fiberglass filters. It must be done to get rid of high energy bills. If you buy high-end pleated air fibers, consider changing them after a six month gap.

Look at the packaging where it is written how long the newly bought filter will last. Remember the expiry date and use it accordingly. But it is always better to change the filter earlier than the expiry date suggested on the packaging.  If there are individuals in your house who have health issues like allergies or breathing difficulties, change the old filter more than once a month if possible.

What Are the Consequences Of not Changing or Replacing the HVAC filter on time?

Keep track of the deadline for installing the new HVAC filters and replacing the old ones. If you are too far away from this track of the date, it will impact the air quality of your indoor space. A collapsed air filter gets lodged in the fan of your house and makes a huge gap. This will eventually cause the air to float around the filter. 

Apart from that, it might also affect your health. The one who already has pre-existing conditions like heart disease, allergic issues, or asthma must not dwell on the situation. Otherwise, it might have the worst adverse effects. It is obvious that people who have respiratory issues can’t tolerate airborne particles.


Among your different needs, the HVAC system is one. You have already got a handful of effects of not changing or replacing the HVAC filter of your house. If you are still not sure about when and how to change your HVAC filter, get acquainted with the necessary information as early as possible. As a homeowner, you must ensure fine indoor air quality. Adhere to the appropriate guidelines to ensure the HVAC’s durability and your health at its best.

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