What is the Right Time to Install a Solar Panel?

Last Updated on August 23, 2023 by Kravelv

There is a lot of debate about what is the right time to install a solar panel. Some say autumn and winter are the most appropriate while others argue summer and spring are more ideal.

Today, we shall look at the best time for solar panel installation and put the debate to rest.

Summer and Spring

Those who argue summer and spring are the best time to install a solar panel do so for the following reasons:

Most convenient Seasons for Installation

Summer and spring projects often run smoothly. The probability of delaying a project due to harsh weather conditions is low in the summer. Moreover, in many areas, the days a longer during summer meaning working hours can extend.

Installations due during the spring and summer are often completed faster and ultimately cost less due to minimal interruptions. Moreover, the summer holidays allow homeowners to be present for the installation as well.

More Sunlight

Summer often has longer days which means more hours of sunlight. On average summer has four more hours of sunlight in a day compared to winter.

By having your solar panels installed and ready, you can harness more power from your solar panel system during the summer. The extra energy can serve you through less productive seasons.

Reduces the Summer Bills

Summer often runs up the electricity bills. Most power is consumed by the air conditioner that runs all day and night to keep the house cool.

Moreover, children are usually home for their summer holidays and they increase energy consumption by playing video games and binge watching the television.

Setting up your solar system during this period will save money. The earlier you do it the better.


This is a season of minimal rain and plenty of sunshine. For some, autumn is the best time to install a solar power system for reasons as follows:

Low Costs

Solar panels often have price changes due to varied demand. Autumn has a low demand and most suppliers offer deals and price reductions to promote sales.

Moreover, the cost of installation is low during autumn. Compared to summer costs, it’s almost half. Therefore, if you’re keen on saving, autumn is the time to get your solar system up.

Avoid the Summer and Spring Rush

If you think summer and spring are the best time to install solar panels, you’re not the only one. Demand goes up during these seasons and the wait period for installation is long.

If your solar panels are up and ready in autumn, you’ll sit back and enjoy high energy production as your neighbors struggle to get their systems up and running.

Prepare for Winter

Winter comes with high power demands as well. The electricity bill increases due to heating and lighting as sunny days are fewer and shorter.

Installing your panels in autumn powers your battery system and offers a buffer against low winter solar production.


Although summer is the most popular time to install solar panels, some homeowners argue that winter is more ideal. Here is why:

Save Money

The demand for solar panels is low during winter. As a result, product pricing and installation costs are low to boost sales.

Special offers on solar products are also popular around this period. Therefore, you can save a lot by simply planning to get your solar panels during winter. If you’re considering going solar, I highly recommend checking out the services offered by northern rivers solar installers.

Faster Installation

Winter has lower demand for solar panels than all other seasons. As a result, there are no delays in service delivery. Unlike summer where you wait for weeks for installation, winter installations are done fast.

Beat the Summer Demand

When summer hits, the electricity bill goes up. Running the air conditioning runs up the bills too. Moreover, everyone is usually on summer break and power consumption within the house goes up.

Unfortunately, getting the panels up during summer may take a while and you will not fully capitalise on the longer summer days.

Winter installation means the solar panels will be up and running when summer begins. This way, you maximise production and save on your bills.

Final Words

Everyone has their opinion on the best time to install solar panels. However, the truth is you can install solar panels any time of the year. For as long as the sun rises, your panels will always generate some power. If you always wait for the best weather, you will accrue opportunity costs.

Therefore, if you are keen on setting up a solar power system, now is the best time.

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