Design Elements to Include in Your Modern Farmhouse

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by Kravelv

The farmhouse style has become popular in recent years. Anyone can incorporate the farmhouse look in their home’s design and decor, even if you don’t live on an actual farm. Farmhouse-style homes are functional yet cozy and inviting. A neutral color palette makes a farmhouse-style home feel warm and peaceful, while wood accents add a natural element. 

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If you’re looking for ways to give your home a gorgeous farmhouse-style makeover, here are a few pieces you can use to get the look.

Range Hoods

If you want a farmhouse-style kitchen, make sure you choose a range hood that fits the theme. CopperSmith hoods are beautiful additions to any farmhouse kitchen. Depending on your kitchen, you can choose a range hood with a bold design, or something more subtle. 

If you prefer something subtle, a white range hood is a great choice. Timeless and elegant, a white range hood can brighten up your kitchen and perfectly complement your farmhouse kitchen’s design. 

If you want your range hood to stand out, you can choose a wood or metal finish. It will make your range hood pop, and add an attractive, unique visual element to your kitchen.

Barn Doors

Barn doors are a staple for any farmhouse design. With barn doors, you turn a functional element of your home into an eye-catching design piece. If you have a tight space to close off where a traditional door won’t fit, a barn door is a great solution since they don’t need space to swing open. 

Barn doors are better for pantries, utility rooms, offices, and game rooms, where privacy isn’t a big concern. You can find barn doors for just about any space, with different designs and colors that complement the room. If you’re into DIY projects, you can even convert regular doors into barn doors or make a custom barn door. There’s no doubt that no farmhouse design is complete without a barn door. 

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are both functional and visually attractive. They’re typically larger than a normal sink, and the front part of the basin is exposed. You can get farmhouse sinks in a variety of different materials that match your kitchen aesthetic. 

Because of their deep, wide basins, farmhouse sinks are great for washing large pots and pans. Normally a farmhouse sink has one large basin, but options with two or more basins are also available. 

Of course, a beautiful, practical farmhouse sink comes at a price. They usually cost more than your average kitchen sink, and the material you choose can also affect the price. But a farmhouse sink is a must-have for any farmhouse kitchen.

Natural Wood 

All farmhouse designs incorporate some natural wood elements. Natural wood gives your house the rustic, charming character that’s essential for a farmhouse look. 

How can you incorporate natural wood into your home’s design? Wood furniture is a great place to start. From bedside tables to benches to bookshelves, there are endless ways to incorporate wooden furniture into your home. Look for antique pieces you can fix up. They’ll give your home more vintage charm than a new piece of furniture.

Wooden countertops are another way to include wood in your farmhouse kitchen. It gives your kitchen a warm feel and is easy to incorporate into any kitchen design. It’s versatile and makes for a great work surface. 

Adding exposed wood beams to the ceiling is a stunning way to transform your space with natural wood. If your house doesn’t have structural beams, you can install decorative beams for the same effect. These are easy to install and if you love a DIY project you can even do it yourself. 


If you want to live your farmhouse dream, you need to have a garden. A yard full of lush green plants is the perfect complement to a beautiful farmhouse. 

Garden beds are an excellent choice for your farmhouse backyard. You can even grow your own vegetables and herbs to experience a bit of real farm life. Flower beds are another option if you love a colorful, flower-filled yard.

A fire pit is a great feature to make your outdoor space inviting and entertaining. It’s both attractive and practical, giving you a space to enjoy with guests on a summer night.

Instead of a concrete patio, try using bark, gravel, or crushed granite to create a more rustic space. If you love outdoor entertaining, consider installing an outdoor kitchen. A farmhouse isn’t complete without a picturesque outdoor space to enjoy food and good company.  If you want to create your dream farmhouse-style space, do some research and be sure to include some of these design elements. A farmhouse kitchen isn’t complete without a rustic range hood and a gorgeous apron sink.

Barn doors and natural wood will make your design more warm and homey. And a well-designed outdoor space will make your farmhouse as charming outside as it is inside. If you include these things in your home’s design, you’ll be able to create the farmhouse of your dreams.

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