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Different Ways to Get Rid Of Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are one of the most common problems faced by a lot of homes. There may be various reasons for a clogged or blocked drain such as leftover food, hair, soap residue and many others. Sometimes it gets unblocked easily, but sometimes it becomes a pain! However, there are various ways that can be used in order to unblock the drain easily without taking help of a plumber. And yes, for such processes you do not need to get any equipment from the market because everything that you need is right there at your home.

Before starting the procedure of unblocking the blocked drain, you must inspect the situation carefully. Check, if it is a partial blockage, or the drain has completely blocked. If the water is slowly flowing down the pipe, then it is a partial blockage, however, if the water is stuck completely in the sink that means you have a fully blocked drain. In the case of partially blocked drains, pouring water with pressure may help to sort out the issue, but if your drain is completely blocked, then you need to make a few extra efforts to get rid of the menace.

Ways to Get Rid Of Blocked Drains

Undoubtedly, a fully blocked drain can be a huge problem, if it does not get fixed by using the right method. There are some of the popular DIYs (Do It Yourself) that can help you get rid of the problem without spending a single penny. What are they? Well, to know about these DIY tips, keep reading.

These are some of the DIYs to unblock the drains without hiring a plumber. However, if the problem is quite severe, then do not waste your time as it will further worsen the problem. In such cases, don’t hesitate to call an experienced plumber as experience speaks more than anything.

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