Drywall Repair: How to Patch Drywall

Last Updated on March 20, 2022 by Kravelv

From small cracks to large holes, we can find it all at our property. But what is the solution for it? Is it calling a professional for help or performing the repairing process on your own?

Well, no matter whichever option you choose, the most important thing is to know the correct steps of repairing.  Here is a quick guide shared by the expert drywall companies that will help you in understanding the process of drywall patching.

Let us get started!

  1. Mark the area including the hole

Fixing of the issue needs to be done by creating an even larger hole in the wall. Strange, but it is true! You need to mark the area by tracing a square patch. For this, you need to cut a square patch of drywall, hold it to the wall, trace it in such a way that it covers the existing hole.

  1. Cut the traced drywall

This is simple to do as with a knife you can cut the required area.

  1. Fix a scrap wood

Take a scrap wood that is narrow in size but longer in shape. This will help you drill it against to the drywall with a couple of screws. Now that you have placed the scrap wood, make a drywall patch and attach it to the wood with the screw.

  1. Finish the patch with tape and joint compound

Now that you are done with the fixing of the patch onto the wall, you need to cover the joints, so that the patch is not visible. For this, you need to finish the patch with tape and joint compound. There isn’t any special equipment required for it, but all you need is sandpaper, joint compound, tape, and mud. However, while doing the finishing you need to make sure no wrinkles or bubbles are left out on the wall, thus showing a sign of patch.

  1. Layering the joint compound

Next step is layering of the joint compound. Once you have applied the compound, you must use a knife and spread the mud evenly by moving the knife from center to outward direction. You must scrape off the excess compound so that a smooth patch is made on the drywall.

  1. Apply the second coat

Just as the first coat is applied on the drywall, you should apply the second coat in the same way. Once applied, let the coat settle down and dry.

  1. Apply primer

Next, apply primer on the patch wall before painting the wall.

  1. Apply paint

Lastly, paint the selected area and install the fixtures according to your choice.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, it is certainly!

After all, installing of drywall is an advantage because it is simple to install and easy to repair. So, if you have inspected a hole in your property drywall by following these steps you can carry out the repairing process yourself. But, still in the case, you need the help of an expert; you must look for reliable drywall contractors in your town.

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