5 Of The Best Types Of Chairs To Have In Your Outdoor Space

Last Updated on May 31, 2022 by Kravelv

Everyone loves a nice, comfy chair to relax in it at the end of the day, and when you are looking to buy new furniture for your home, it can be hard to find the right chair to suit your space. And with so many different options out there when buying outdoor chairs, it can be hard to know which type you should buy. Thankfully, there are several different chairs that you can buy that would be a great addition to any outdoor space or entertaining area.

1. Banana lounge

If you are someone who enjoys laying in the sun on a hot summer’s day, you need to buy a banana lounge for your backyard. Banana lounges or sun lounges are great for long summer days when you want to relax in your backyard and get a nice tan because you can just lay back and relax on these long, reclining chairs. Most people put their banana lounges by their pool so that they can have a quick nap after a long day of swimming, but you can put them just about anywhere in your outdoor living area. Also, banana lounges are often portable, so they can be easily transported around your backyard or outdoor space. And they can be stored away easily when you won’t be using them for a while. If you want to create a real holiday vibe in your backyard while being sun-safe, buy a few large umbrellas for your outdoor area, so that you can be protected from the sun in style.  

2. Bean bag chair

If you want a fun and comfortable chair for your backyard, you should invest in a few bean bag chairs. Bean bag chairs are great for any space because they are very different to other chairs in the way they look and feel, while still functioning as a normal reclining chair would. Bean bags are also great because they are easy to move from one space to another, so you can change their place in your outdoor area easily. If you are going to buy some bean bag chairs for your outdoor space, you need to make sure that you buy chairs that are made of a durable material. Usually, you can get bean bag chairs made out of PVC or Vinyl that you can use outside, that won’t get damaged by the elements, but it is best to store them indoors in a dry area when they are not being used to prevent mould or staining from occurring.

3. Armchair

Every outdoor entertaining area needs a good armchair so that you can sit and relax outside in peace. Armchairs are a great addition to any space because they bring style and comfort together in one, so that the furniture in your backyard can be functional while still looking good too. However, something that you need to think about when you are buying an armchair for your outdoor area is the materials that it is made of. If it has any padding or cushioning you need to store it in a dry area when it is not being used to prevent damage or you can invest in some covers as well. This is because most fabrics are not durable enough to stay out in the elements all year long, but they can withstand a bit of moisture and frost from time to time. Most furniture stores like Remarkable Furniture have an array of outdoor armchairs and lounges to suit any space, so will be sure to find something that suits your space and that is made of quality materials.

4. Dining chairs

Every outdoor dining table needs a good set of chairs to go with it, so it is important to invest in some dining chairs that you can use outside in your outdoor setting. Having a set of at least 4-6 dining chairs for your backyard is always good to have because you never know when guests are going to pop by unexpectedly for a meal or some drinks, and you will need to accommodate them in some way. If you have the space for it, it is worth investing in a good table and chairs that you can leave in your backyard all year round. If you don’t have the space, you should invest in a few chairs that you can store easily and bring out at a moment’s notice. They don’t have to be anything fancy to be functional, but if you are planning on entertaining people in your outdoor space throughout the year, you need a few good chairs for them to sit on.

5. Stools

If you like the idea of outdoor furniture that is moveable and multi-purpose, you need to invest in a few good quality stools for your outdoor entertaining area. Stools are great to have when you have a lot of guests over when you are entertaining because they can be used as chairs or they can be used as a makeshift side table if you need something to put food and drinks on. You can find nice, cheap stools at almost any furniture store around, but if you are looking for something more bespoke, you can make your own out of a tree stump or some spare wood you have at home. Best of all, because they are usually pretty small and easy to move around, you can store them away in your shed or garage when they are not being used, so you can use them whenever you need to.

There are lots of options when it comes to buying chairs for your outdoor space. The key is to think about what your space will be used for before you decide to buy anything. It is not worth buying things that you will not be using very much, especially if you have a limited budget, so starting with the essentials is important when buying chairs and furniture for your outdoor entertainment area.

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