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Tips On Decorating A Small Space For Christmas

A small home doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice seasonal decor. All you gotta do is bring all the creative ideas for your holiday decoration that would suit your space. Through a few easy techniques, you could make your smaller space look beautiful for the holidays. Try these simple tips for turning your home into beautiful holiday heaven.

Art To Add The Christmas Magic

Image Source: PortraitFlip

Christmas is supposed to be a time for togetherness, joy and love. Why not really make it count this year and treat your loved ones with something special that will survive and be cherished in your family for generations to come?

A glowing, Christmas-themed family portrait  will be the perfect recollection to stimulate both the incredible memories and emotions that were evoked in that particular moment. Reunite your family together with a heartwarming handmade portrait from PortraitFlip. At PortraitFlip memories are brought to life with magical brushstrokes that are simply priceless.

A Consistent Color Scheme

The first tip when decorating a smaller space for the holidays is to start with a consistent color scheme. If you use the same color scheme from room to room for christmas that’s gonna keep your space looking nice and cohesive. You can keep this color scheme consistent from the ornaments on your tree, to a garland on your table, to your reefs and even to your wrapping paper for that matter.

A synchronised colour palette creates consistency and connects each room to the other. You can even experiment and try variations with regards to the amount of colour and the items in a particular hue in each room to add some fun. Always remember to choose a colour combination that works for you and the theme of your home.

Downsize The Accessories

Using small accessories gives you the beauty of it while not taking much of your space. It also helps you stand on budget because you don’t end up spending much buying larger than required items. You might not get a chance to buy the eight-foot pine of your dreams but it definitely does not mean you cannot use any ornaments.

For instance your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be very tall to be considered a real Christmas one. Even if your Christmas tree is not as tall as you wanted it to be, all it needs is a little love with lights, garlands, or ornaments to be the perfect Christmas tree. If your space is very compact and small, then you could even add small trees on a mantle or shelf.

Use Your Wall Space

If you have a small surface area then you really need to think of using your wall space. Using your wall space is the easiest way to decorate for Christmas, because it will give you the liberty to add the pieces you otherwise couldn’t include. Simple damage-free hooks are going to be your best friends in this. Use these hooks to decorate and hang your reefs, artwork, photo frames, wreaths or wall hangings. You can work your way up with this technique and get a maximum utilisation of your available space. You can also use this wall space to add that pop of color with some amazing wall decorations.

Go All Blingy This Christmas

The warmth of Christmas lights always turns on a festive vibe. It’s a perfect decor addition for homes with a neutral color palette. Use lights like Christmas lights, twinkle lights or fairy lights to awaken that Christmas spirit in your house. This is fantastic if you have a smaller space because you want to add as much light as possible to make it feel more open and airy. When it comes to warm white lights it’s one such statement piece that can never go wrong. Lights can instantly switch the feel for the season. Just a few strings of lights directly over your curtains, Christmas tree, wreathes or door frame is a no-fuss way to add lights that will always look stylish.

To Wind Up

Having a concise and small space shouldn’t stop you from spending the holiday season of your dreams. No matter how small a space is, there are ample strategies to make it feel much larger than it appears to be. It’s no magic, it’s simply called smart styling. Bookmark all these easy ideas and transform your small space into a comfortable and stylish oasis for Christmas this year!

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