7 Awesome Ideas When You’re Decorating Your Office

Last Updated on September 28, 2023 by Kravelv

There are approximately 261 workdays every year, maybe more or less depending on the vacation days you use. When you spend the majority of your life in your workplace why should you settle for an office that is boring? It’s time to buy cheap office furniture online and really get your office looking great by decorating it and making it your own.

When you’re looking at all the options it can be overwhelming but you can always look around at the used office furniture in Houston or your own hometown in order to get more ideas and potentially save some money as well. When you need further inspiration for your office decor you can use these 7 ideas to get your mind on the right track.

Consider your office space to be a blank canvas, you may not be able to accomplish everything on this list depending on your parameters from your employer but there are certainly a few things on this list that can make even the smallest office feel more inspiring. Read on to see how to decorate your office in some amazing ways.

1. Opt for Better Lighting

While your office may come standard with overhead halogen or LED lights, those can be harsh and unflattering while also causing eye strain. Your eyes are already under strain from the blue lights emitted from computers and cell phones, so adding some lamps to make your office seem cozier and inviting while also offering the benefit of helping your eyes and mood.

Not every office is fortunate enough to have a window or any natural light. If your office is lacking then consider whether you should get a light therapy lamp for your office. Seasonal Affective Disorder can happen when your body isn’t getting enough natural light. While SAD often creeps in during the winter months, if you work in a dark office you may also be affected.

Getting a SAD Light Box can offer you a chance to keep the blues at bay as well as keep your office brighter. Other desk lamps and floor lamps will fill your space with enough light you won’t have to use your overhead lights at all.

2. Excellent Storage

No one likes clutter but did you know that surrounding yourself with messy clutter you can actually see a decrease in productivity? Don’t let your office be a space where you don’t get work done because the clutter is distracting when it’s so easy to organize your chaos.

Everyone will have their own preference in their organization systems but they all accomplish the same goal: taming the mess. If you prefer filing your papers, then opt for a nice filing cabinet. Gone are the days where your filing cabinet is a large boring piece of metal, there are many stylish options.

Consider a shelving unit and storage baskets to make your office feel more comfortable for you as well as giving you lots of options of where to put the stuff that so easily accumulates on desks. When everything has a place to go it will be easy to keep your workspace clean and organized.

3. Choose A Cool Desk

The focal point of any office is obviously your desk. There are so many options on the market it can be hard to know what kind of desk you’re looking for. Luckily you don’t need to compromise function for style, with many choices that not only look great but have all the features you’re looking for.

Whether you want a desk with a built-in charging station, an adjustable desk that can work with you no matter if you want to sit or stand, or just a desk that fits the look you’re going for you will certainly be able to find a solution that works for you. When you are seeking out the perfect desk be sure to know the dimensions that will work in your office space.

A desk that is too large will make the room feel cramped but you can go too far in the other direction with a desk that is too small for a room as well. Keep in mind how much surface space you’ll need, especially if you frequently use two monitors, and seek out the right desk for you.

4. Great Seating

The best way to make an office space more interesting is to change up the seating options from whatever the standard option is. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the chairs you are given but if you have the chance to make your office more personable why wouldn’t you?

When buying a desk chair it really is important to take ergonomics into consideration. Finding a chair that properly supports your height and weight with armrests that keep your posture strong will ultimately help reduce aches and pains from simply doing your job every day.

The seating for any visitors to your office is a fun way to let your personality shine. Consider how you want potential clients or co-workers to feel when they come into your office. Upholstered chairs in bright colors can make for a comfortable and fun seating option, or you could also contend with a more industrial style if that so suits you.

5. Use Your Wall Space

It’s an easy mistake to make but don’t ignore the walls of your office, not only could you hang an interesting shelving unit that could also help give you more storage options but it is a great way to inspire yourself with art and other visually stimulating wall coverings.

Don’t forget to hang up your framed diploma. You worked hard to earn that piece of paper and not only will it remind you that you have earned all your successes but it will also reassure any visitors to your office that you are well qualified for your position and deserve your gorgeous office.

If you struggle to find visual art appealing you can always opt for more personal photography of your family, it’s okay so long as you choose flattering pictures that reflect well on you. Consider hanging an interesting clock so you don’t need to constantly check your phone or watch, but be wary if the ticking noise will bother you day in and day out.

6. Keep One Wall Clear

Aside from the potential of clutter keeping you stressed out, you should consider keeping one wall of your office bare and in a neutral color in the event that you need to video conference at some point. With video conferencing gaining popularity, both for interviewing and for those who telecommute, having a designated background will keep your office looking more professional.

7. Greenery

Another way to decorate your office to make sure that you have some plants or greenery in there. It not only humanizes you but it freshens the air. Since plants can remove indoor pollutants they are a great way to keep your office from feeling stale.

Succulents are trendy and popular for a reason, they are easy to maintain and thrive in minimal sunlight. (Though if you don’t have a window it’s perfectly okay to go for fake plants as well!) When you integrate your brand colors in your pots and planters you can really make a statement and have some uniformity in your office in a fun way.

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