7 Tips for Social Media Branding In Real Estate

Last Updated on April 14, 2022 by Kravelv

Building an authentic social media presence benefits any type of business. But for real estate agents, an active and engaging social media game is essential.

A 2018 study from the National Association of Realtors shows that 44% of home buyers look for properties online before they look anywhere else. The study also reported that nearly two-thirds of home buyers were Millennials, a group that often found homes on a mobile device. That adds up to undeniable importance of a digital presence for real estate agents.

How does a real estate agent build a brand online? Here are seven tips for real estate agents to use when establishing their social media presence.

1. Make an Impact on Instagram

As a primarily visual platform, Instagram is ideal for showcasing high-quality photography of your newest properties. Real estate agents can highlight the nicest features of a home in photo galleries and give virtual tours in videos. Use real estate marketing templates to help guide your Instagram content creation and branding process.

2. Feature Client Stories

Who doesn’t like to see a happy new homeowner in their abode? Ask your clients if they would be willing to give a short quote and snap a photo when they land in a house. Word-of-mouth and advice from friends remain a powerful marketing channel. Tap into it with kind words from clients.

3. Spread the Love

While agents don’t need to have an account on every social media platform, it’s important to establish a presence in more than one place to reach a larger potential audience. Older buyers with an empty nest are likely to gravitate toward Facebook, while younger, first-time buyers are more common on Instagram.

4. Break Up the Text

A block of words is not going to sell a house on social media. Use hashtags to tap into specific communities and sprinkle in a few well-placed emojis to break up the post text. Agents can take advantage of the Stories feature on Instagram and Facebook to give their accounts a personal, less formal feel, and provide quick updates.

5. Celebrate Your Successes

Did you recently win an industry award? Have a property written up in a local newspaper? Tout those successes through your social media channels. You don’t want to fill your feed with brags, but social platforms are a great place to share your achievements and build your reputation.

6. Make a Schedule

Keeping up an active social media presence requires a constant flow of content. Build an editorial calendar and plan out your posts for a week or two at a time. Having a plan in place will keep your social channels from going quiet when things get busy.

7. Keep It Authentic

Customers can see through a false voice on social media. Leave room in your schedule for in-the-moment updates and always write in your own brand voice. Reply to comments and jump into conversations. An authentic approach is essential to building trust and familiarity.

There’s a good reason more than 70% of agents say they use social media for marketing. Get your social media accounts in the game with a solid content strategy.

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