Creating An Eco Friendly Garden


Winter gardening isn’t easy, but what you can do during this period is plan how you will take care of your garden come Spring. Spring is the perfect time to begin your journey to create an eco-friendly garden, so get planning now!

There are certain products that you need to throw out before you even begin creating an eco- friendly garden. For example, many gardeners rely on pesticides to kill insects, herbicides to kill weeds, and fertilizers to amend poor soil but any gardener with experience will know that these have an negative impact on your garden.

One area that gardeners need to focus on is water convention within the garden. It’s important to remember that harvesting rainwater is a very straight forward process, and all gardeners should be doing this in an effort to save water. If you are using a hose ensure that you use a soaker hose as they only use 50% of the water that sprinklers do. Also, remember that not all plants require the same level of water to keep them healthy.

Companion planting is a great way of planting compatible plants in close proximity so they can help each other and there are certain combinations that are especially good. This info-graphic from Capital Garden Services outlines everything you need to do in your garden to ensure it is eco-friendly.


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