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3 Ways to Choose the Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

Bathtubs are a popular addition to many bathrooms. They do not only serve the functional purpose of providing a place to bathe. There is also the luxury aspect of a place to relax and soak away the day’s stress. 

But, the challenge for many homes is the lack of sufficient space to install one. Homeowners may worry that due to the size, it will swallow up most of the space. And it may very well be the case if you choose a big bathtub. 

The good news is that there are tons of options available for small spaces. And yes, they include the popular freestanding bathtubs. We will show you the considerations to have in mind when choosing the right tub for your small bathroom.  

1. Take Stock of the Space You Have

While it is true that you have a small bathroom, how small is it? Measure the space you have, taking into consideration the other elements in the space.

Look at the position you would want the bathtub to be in. Think about using any corners or alcove spaces that may be lying idle. 

Measure the bathroom length and width of the space available. Remember some critical things in this stage.

2. Decide On the Type of Bathtub You Want

Now comes the fun part of deciding on the type of bathtub. The good news is that there are so many options available. 

One popular type is the freestanding bathtubs. They are stylish and will give your bathroom a modern, luxurious look. But, you may ask, is it possible to have a freestanding tub in a small bathroom? Don’t they take up a lot of space? The answer is yes and no depending on the type and size you go for. 

It is possible to find some as small as 4 feet long, making it ideal for the kid’s bathroom. 

Here is an idea, look at the household members who are likely to use the bathtub. If everyone for example is under 6 feet tall, use that as a guide. Do you want to spruce up your decor style? 

A freestanding rectangular tub looks unique and contemporary. The clean lines in the design add a touch of minimalism and class you will not find in many homes. The beauty of free-standing bathtubs is you don’t have to restrict yourself to the bathroom. You can install it anywhere as long as there is a water source. Isn’t that fantastic? 

 Other Bathtub Options 

When choosing the bathtub, think about things like soaking depth. This determines how much you will be able to submerge. They fall within 14 to 17 inches. But you can also get customized options depending on what you want.

3. Decide On the Material 

The good news is that the type of material is not dependent on the size of the bathroom. For this, you have total leeway in what you go for. But for a small bathroom, you want the space to pop.  

The right material will increase the aesthetic appeal of the small space you are working with. Imagine how elegant and timeless a freestanding copper bathtub would look in your bathroom.  

The material you go for depends on your preference and of course budget. You also want to be comfortable whenever you are soaking in your tub. You have a lot of options with the material. Fiberglass is inexpensive but may chip.  

Porcelain is durable, nonporous, and very attractive, but like fiberglass, it may chip. Fireclay is chip-free, stain-free, and resistant to alkali or acid.  

Other materials include ceramic, stone resin, marble, copper, or wood. Shop around to see what appeals to you. Find out the pros and cons of each. Ensure whatever you buy will give you long-term usage. A bathtub is not something you want to keep on changing. 

The type of floor in your bathroom is a critical consideration when choosing material. It should be able to take the weight of the tub when it is full of water.  

If the floor is not strong, it will limit you somewhat. Copper, cast iron, and natural stone may not be viable options. If you want these, you must factor in the cost of reinforcing the floor.

Final Thoughts 

We have shared 3 ways to choose bathtubs for small bathrooms. Look at the space you have. Do you have an alcove or corners that would fit the tub? If yes, use this so that you do not take the available room.  

You also need to measure the space to determine what size of bathtub you can fit into the room. Do not leave out stylish options like freestanding bathtubs when deciding. There are smaller options that you may find will fit into the room.  

You can also remove the shower cubicle and get a Stand-alone tub and shower option. Increase the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom by choosing an attractive material.  

Make the space look more interesting by avoiding the standard white tub. You can find many interesting colors to give your small bathroom life.

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