7 Tips on How to Keep Your RV Clean in the Age of Covid

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

It can be a lot of fun to take an RV on the open road. This type of vehicle is usually used for long-distance traveling but it has to be cleaned often in order to maintain a healthy ambiance. The need for cleanliness becomes even more important these days because the COVID-19 pandemic spreads faster in this kind of space than it does anywhere else. That’s why you should take precautionary measures before approaching your RV for cleaning, using our 7 tips below!

how to keep your RV clean

Preparing for RV Cleaning

The first thing is to gather all the necessary cleaning equipment. For COVID-19 you should use antibacterial soap and a disinfectant for surfaces that are not easily washable like carpets, fabric seats etc. Cleaning the RV will require a lot of water and detergent, so be sure to have enough on hand. It’s a good idea to have a mask and gloves too to protect yourself while cleaning the vehicle. Also make sure to remove all garbage bins and collect any solid waste that you brought into the car from outside sources. Lastly, remove any floor mats or area rugs to wash before you start cleaning the RV to remove any contaminants that may have been tracked in on your shoes.

Use the Top-Down Approach

It is important to use the top-down approach when washing a vehicle because this ensures that any parts of the surface you have already cleaned stay clean. Start with the windows and work your way down from there. Clean the windows from inside and outside using a cloth or paper towel. Remember to clean them in sections, starting with the top of the window pane closest to you. Afterward wipe down both sides until they are dry. Same approach as you wipe down the walls, counters, furniture and other surfaces throughout the RV. Clorox wipes or other disinfectant towels are a simple option for these surfaces.

Use a Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Now that you have removed all loose items and wiped down every surface, it is time to vacuum get rid of things that can’t be picked up or cleaned by hand. A compact vacuum cleaner is a powerful method to effectively remove dust and particles quickly. The vacuum cleaner is a useful device for cleaning large amounts of dirt, dust and other debris. One great thing about the vacuum cleaner is that you can use it anywhere as opposed to sweeping which requires access to an at-ground surface dust pan and even then doesn’t pick up all the particles.

* Tip: Use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to remove more COVID particles from the RV.

Apply the Clean and Isolate Philosophy

Since contagions like coronavirus spread easily, it is necessary that the area you finished cleaning be isolated as soon as possible. A good way to create this separation from the cleaned areas of your RV is to start from the opposite direction of the entrance and, if necessary, use plastic sheets to create separations. Clean your RV in an outward fashion so that once you reach the door you can exit the vehicle making sure to take all of your cleaning equipment with you. After exiting the vehicle, it is important to disinfect yourself as well as the cleaning equipment. Changing your clothes and putting them into the wash is highly recommended to make sure everything has been cleaned as thoroughly as possible.

Install Dust Traps and Air Purifying

One thing to consider in the age of COVID is not just cleaning of the physical surfaces but also the air you breathe inside your RV. Installing dust traps is an effective and cheap way to keep your vehicle clean, keeping your family safe from COVID. A simple example of this is using a doormat as an effective way to collect the dust that can enter your vehicle. Adding an air purifying device is an excellent way to go for making sure the air inside your RV is as clean and healthy for you to breathe as possible. Just like your vacuum, a HEPA filtration system on your air purifier will go a long way to help keep you and your family safe while traveling in your RV.

Use Effective Commercial-Grade Cleaners

You ought to use commercial-grade cleaners that are capable of removing any COVID residue from the RV. A biodegradable cleaner will be a better choice because it can eliminate all traces and prevent future infection. With such high demand, it is easy to find in the marketplace and often comes with vehicle-friendly products. Read the instructions carefully for proper use and please wear a mask when applying because even biodegradable chemicals can be harmful.

Disinfecting Wipes are Essential

Even after your recreational vehicle has been cleaned, disinfecting wipes should be on hand for your travels. You will find that they are an invaluable source of protection against the coronavirus while on the road. This is because the virus can last for a long time and even if your RV has been thoroughly disinfected, it only takes one exposure to infect everything again. Store them in all of the important places such as glove compartments and under seats so they’re always handy. Every time you leave the cleaned vehicle, consider the items you are coming into contact with and bringing back into the RV. It can be to get supplies or food for example and people usually take their wallets and cell phones with them. Cell phones are a prime way for the virus to spread because they can contain as much as 100,000 times more COVID-19 than any other part of your body. Make sure to wipe things down with your disinfecting wipes as you come and go from your RV and you’ll keep your vehicle clean and safe for your travels.

Stay Safe

One of the most difficult challenges of battling COVID is the lack of experience dealing with it; this makes it difficult to protect oneself from contamination. Until the world gets rid of this disease, you should adopt healthy habits in order to stay safe because even the smallest infection can spread like wildfire.

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