A Cheval Mirror For Features That Remain Popular Throughout The Ages

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Mirrors are much more than simple furnishings.  They are important tools we can use every day to help us get dressed and of course really improve the look of our homes.  A cheval is one type that has been used for centuries to do both. Whether you are looking for something more antique or even modern chevals offer it all.

Traits That Set Them Apart

These are classics which have a few differences that make them totally unique and of course special.  So what is a cheval mirror? They are a variety of mirror which not only stands upright on their own, but does so on four legs.  This makes them perfect for anyone who has a limited amount of space on the wall or is simply much more attracted to standing mirrors.

Their other feature that sets them apart and makes them very useful is their special frame that allows the glass of the mirror to be tilted.  Being able to adjust the angle is very helpful when getting dressed because it lets you see your entire reflection without having to stand further back and that means no matter what height you are.


A Classic That Can Also Look Modern

Luckily if you like antiques, this variety has been around a long time so it is possible to find an antique cheval mirror with a little searching whether that means online, at yard sales, or at auctions.  While many consumers are intrigued by their classic look, many brand new ones are made in the vintage style as well. Normally this means with an oval shaped frame.  For something much more modern you might want to consider a black cheval mirror with a rectangular frame.

Help You To Save Time

For ladies with jewelry collections some models can even save you a huge amount of time.  Finding the right accessories for you outfit can be a major pain especially when you can’t remember where you last left them. With what’s known as a cheval mirror jewelry armoire these problems are a thing of the past.  Not only do you get all the benefits of a typical cheval but behind the glass of the mirror is a compartment specifically made to keep all of your jewelry organized and ready to be worn.  Some even come with a lock to help make sure they are kept protected as well.

cheval mirror

When adding a mirror to your home, be sure to keep a cheval in mind.  For getting dressed, storing accessories, or adding light to your space they can’t be beat.  In fact they are one of the most widely purchased simply for their decorative effect as well, and with features and options like the ones listed above its no surprise.

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