Checklist for a Residential Electrician

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Electricity is a useful and dangerous element that is used every day at homes, offices, factories, and every other place. Just like electricity can make your life simpler, it can also prove to be fatal if you use it carelessly. This is why you need to practice caution while using any electrical appliance or machine. These appliances can get defective and the electrical wirings may also get short without any prior notice. Thus, periodical inspections of different electrical wirings and machines should be done by Residential Reed Group or another licensed and experienced electrician.

Residential Electrician Checklist

When you hire a residential electrician in Brisbane to inspect your electrical wirings and other electrical outlets at home, you will notice that he always carries a checklist around with him. This checklist makes it very simple for the professional to do his job nicely and with perfect accuracy. Here are some of the things mentioned in his checklist.

  • Check Cable Installation: He will also check all the cable installations that are in relation to furring strips and framing members. The professional electrician will check the cables that run either parallel or through the framing members and furring strips. In order to ensure that proper safety requirements are fulfilled, there has to be a presence of 32mm clearance of protective steep plates.
  • Ensure the Boxes Are Good for Use: Professional residential electricians will also check all the electrical boxes to see whether these are suitable for use or require replacements. Using damaged or defective boxes may cause serious accidents to you or your family members at home.
  • Verify Boxes Are Installed at Required Locations: It is needless to say that boxes should always be installed in all accessible locations. There should be a working box for every outlet, junction, and pull points.
  • Confirm That Cables Are Safely Secured: It is important that all the cables should be securely attached to their respective boxes. If there is also loose electrical cable at home, it can be the cause of a serious accident that can prove to be fatal. It is the responsibility of a professional electrician to ensure that all the cables are firmly secured to their proper boxes.
  • Check Various Boxes for Conductor Fill: It is also the job of the residential electrician to check all the electrical boxes for conductor fill.

When a professional residential electrician is conducting an inspection of all the electrical wirings and appliances at home, you need to make sure that he is left alone and not disturbed continuously. This can easily divert his attention and he may make mistakes in his inspection job. This will simply prove to be bad news for you and your family.

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  1. It’s nice to know that I can also count on a residential electrician to check my appliances for me and not just the overall wiring of my house. I’ve been using a lot of new kitchen appliances soon that I think it would be wise to have an extra pair of power outlets in my kitchen. I hope that that is entirely possible without too much work to be done on my walls.

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