How to Give Your Old Kitchen Contemporary Makeover

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Kravelv

Many people nowadays wish to update their house or kitchen space with the ‘contemporary’ style and designs, but are not sure how to begin. It is important to understand what the term contemporary implies first, to give your thoughts a clearer path. The word contemporary, when used to describe a décor or place is usually, mistaken and regarded as modern. In contrast, it refers to a transitional style and is more of a hybrid between the past and present design styles. Thus, while revamping your kitchen with contemporary styles, you can incorporate some elements of modern designs with the comfort and classic feel of the traditional features. Thus, you should aim for a more geometric and modern, yet minimalist approach, Kitchen homelet has many suggestions for you. Here are some aspects of your kitchen, which you can style conveniently without going for a complete renovation while giving your kitchen a pleasant makeover:

What All Furnishings Can I Refurbish with Contemporary Styles?

  1. Layout

The layout of a kitchen is the basic factor that needs focus, as it affects all other features like storage and furnishings, as well. If you have a compact kitchen, layouts such as gallery, U-shaped, or single wall would be optimal options. You can further make space by having cabinets on both the sides. On the other hand, for larger spaces, L-shaped kitchen with cabinets and large countertops are a great option.

  1. Color Scheme

Simply changing the color scheme of your kitchen can bring a major makeover. Although, you can experiment with bright hues and colors that reflect your personality. You can choose white or light gray for a small kitchen, as light colors make the room look bigger and spacious. You can also go for a contrast of neutral dark colors with a lively white for a more soothing, yet classy look.

  1. Hardware

You can replace your old and dull cabinets and knobs with newer pulls and knobs that will give a fresh and customized look to your kitchen. Hydraulic drawers are the rage and very convenient, as well.

  1. Décor

If you cannot afford to change the hardware of your kitchen, you can simply revamp the décor by replacing the old accessories with the new ones that give a fresh tone to the kitchen. These accessories may include chic chairs for your counter, stylish hand towels, matching rugs, and so on. Since, contemporary is all about transition and contrasts, so do experiment with your accessories along with your color scheme in the mind.

  1. Windows and curtains

Windows and curtains can largely change the mood of the kitchen by affecting the sunlight entering the kitchen. You should do away with the heavy and dark toned curtains or blinds and replace them with more airy and light toned curtains that let in more sunlight and remove the gloom.

  1. Lighting

Since light and exposure play a vital role in a kitchen, make sure you have the right lighting furnishings in your kitchen. If you do not wish to renovate the entire kitchen to install the overhead lights on the ceiling and over the counter, there are a number of contemporary lights. You can choose from that are functional, yet decorative. Pendant lights are a cool and classy option available in numerous variants. Chandeliers are another classy option for L-shaped kitchen, particularly with the central counter. Kitchen cabinet lighting is also a recommended option that provides ample light to the counter, which plays host to all major chopping and cooking work. 

Thus, following these suggestions and ideas, you can easily give your kitchen a fresh and chic makeover, while staying within your budget. Simple adjustments with lights, color, or accessories can give you an upgraded kitchen without shelling out much money.

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