How Caesarstone Benchtops Give Your Kitchen A Stylish And Functional Look?

Last Updated on March 3, 2022 by Kravelv

Kitchen benchtop is an essential fitting for your kitchen and you need to build this benchtop with stone and Caesarstone also. So when you deal with your benchtop, you must ensure the quality of the product and you can also choose the various designs in this collection. Caesarstone benchtops are the best for your kitchen because you can easily maintain this top in a normal way and you can also install this benchtop within few hours only.

The item is durable, stronger, safer, and cleaner and is consistent when compared to stones like marble or granite. The Caesarstone has natural quartz which comes around to 93% and pigments or polymer raisins are just 7%. While renovating your kitchen, it is important to give the benchtop a makeover. The material for the benchtop has to be something durable, elegant and much within the budget. Caesarstone is a fabulous alternative to natural stones.

Some important facts about Caesarstone benchtops

  • Being 17 times less porous than the natural stone like granite, caesarstone is stain resistant. There is no need to maintain the Caesarstone or seal it. When used for kitchen bench tops, you simply need to wipe the surface.

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  • The price of the Caesarstone benchtops depends on the color, fabrication and size. So you can choose it according to your budget only.  It is important to have a certified fabricator who can offer a fine installation service. The cost of Caesarstone benchtops may range between 70-100 dollars per square foot.
  • For wet areas, the material provides a great solution for the sinks area surrounded by water. The material has moisture and mildew resistant property. Hence, it is a perfect choice for kitchens.
  • If you are looking for Caesarstone with a natural appeal, choose the pure white color since it is a natural shade. It is designed to meet the demands for natural stone. The pure white Caesarstone is crisp, clean and has a dense quartz surface.

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Considering Caesarstone benchtop for kitchen

Caesarstone material is scratch and heat resistant. It is also resistant to mildew, mold and so it is an ideal splashback solution. Whether the kitchen is modern or traditional, it is easy to use Caesarstone benchtops. For getting it installed, you need to get in touch with the certified professional consultant first. Too many color varieties and designs are available for Caesarstone. Choose an ideal color and design of caesarstone and get in touch with the qualified designer who can listen to your needs and may work closely with you to combine practicality, functionality and vision. Always use a professional kitchen design team experts for the task. The warm and welcoming look fostered by Caesarstone will mirror your personality.

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Is Caesarstone benchtop more eco-friendly?

The Quartz or Caesarstone benchtops have taken over granite and has become the popular option for a kitchen countertop. Besides offering a suitable work surface, Caesarstone benchtops are eco-friendly as well. Granite, the stone, is manufactured under fire, mining and cutting, much unlike Caesarstone. In the quarrying process, a lot of waste is also generated from granite. Then, in installation process also, waste is generated. But then, Quartz is such an engineered stone which has 93% of quartz, 7% of resin and pigment. Since the material comes from the US, it also helps in saving transportation and mining costs. Caesarstone countertops are a greener solution and environmentally sound.

Caesarstone benchtops are appreciated in the modern era since quartz is eco-friendly. Caesarstone benchtops implement amazingly in your kitchen and home as well, it even looks good. It may be availed in a variety of colors and patterns. The product is durable, appealing, and natural enough to make your kitchen appear stylish.

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