How To Build A Spacious Home In A Narrow Lot

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Finding a large piece of land is becoming an increasingly difficult task today, especially in urban areas. This is because the ever-rising population has forced land to be subdivided so that each person can get a portion. As a result, large pieces of land in a central business district are too expensive. People are therefore opting for narrow lots to build their homes.

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The disadvantage with narrow pieces of land is the lack of space, as the name suggests. Therefore, it’s easy to feel restrictive in design and space. However, this shouldn’t be the case. You can use some creative techniques such as building two storey homes or implementing an open layout to create the spacious home of your dreams on your narrow lot.

Here’s how:

1. Build Vertically

When building on a narrow lot, it’s recommended that you adopt a mansion design instead of a bungalow. Bungalow houses extend horizontally, taking up a lot of space that you don’t have.

The technique in constructing a mansion is building up. This helps create more space for your second, third or fourth story. Experts recommend that you have the sitting area, lounges, and kitchen on the ground floor and use the other floors for the bedroom and any other additional spaces you may need. When building on a narrow lot, adding one more story is your best chance at extending the reach in your home.

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2. Use An Open Plan Design

An open-plan design is where ample space is designed as multiple rooms. The house has no walls, doors, or hallways with this design. This, therefore, creates an effect where the length and size of the house are more extensive. Also, with the walls and doors out of the way, this design exposes the room to more natural light, giving the illusion of a larger area.

The open concept is mainly used in the living room, where the kitchen, dining area, and sitting room all share one ample space without walls. Besides creating more room, an open plan is currently one of the most sought-after designs for modern houses. You’ll not only maximize your space, but you’ll also keep up with modern house designs.

3. Utilize Natural Lighting

Homes built on narrow lots look congested both from the inside and outside. This is especially true if the house has several enclosed rooms, walls, and hallways. One of the ways to remove the sense of congestion is by replacing the walls and doors with windows and glass sliding doors. This works since the latter are transparent, inviting the outdoors into your home, hence creating an illusion of more space.

Other than that, the more natural light you let into your home, the more spacious your house looks. Therefore, you want also to use technics such as highlight windows and skylights. Using natural light also reduces your electricity bill since you won’t need power during the day.

4. Use Light Colors

This tip goes hand in hand with allowing as much natural light as possible into your home. When your walls and ceiling are painted in light colors, they reflect the natural light throughout the house. This helps make your house feel more open, creating an illusion of more space.

The same applies to your floorplans. Experts recommend that you use floor material with brighter colors so that they can reflect as much natural light as possible. Some of the best colors to use for your walls in white or the different shades of white. For your floor, on the other hand, go for a light wood color or an earth tone.

5. Be Creative With Your Storage Space

One of the most significant concerns when considering building your new home on a narrow lot is if you have enough storage space. Well, the answer is yes. There are so many extra spaces that you can utilize for storage in your two-story building.

To start, use the under the stairs area and create a storage room for your items. For example, you can use that space for storing dry foods or other items such as basins or extra clothes and shoes. Other than that, include an attic space in your home. This space is handy for storing books and other extra belongings.

With the extra stuff well stored, your home will be less cluttered, and there will be more space for a better living experience

6. Consider Adding An Extra Room

The truth is that a house built on a narrow lot is relatively smaller than a bungalow built on a large piece of land. Therefore, there’s no telling how much more space you may need even after using the attic and under the stairs. To be on the safe side of your storage needs, experts recommend that you add an extra room while building the rooms you’ll need in your house.

You don’t have to design the extra room for any specific purpose so that when the time comes, you can use it as an office, a home gym, an art room, a playroom, or even a guest room. You can also use the room for multiple uses so that today it’s a guest room tomorrow it’s your office

7. Have Balconies In Your Home

Balconies help create a virtual space for your houses, especially outside. They also open up the house to the outdoors, which, as discussed above, helps create an illusion of a free home with more space.

Besides that, you can use a balcony as an additional space, for example, in your living room. Balconies also come in handy with letting in more air and natural light to your home, which all contribute to creating a spacious house.

8. Get A High Ceiling

One of the most excellent tricks of building on a narrow lot is making up for the space missing on the width by creating more space on the height. In this case, high ceilings create a sense of more space adds luxury to the interior design of even your smallest of rooms. Experts recommend using a high ceiling of around nine to ten feet.

9. Optimize Your Outdoors

Even though the outdoor space on your narrow lot may be small, you can still use it to create a sense of more space for your home. However, since most narrow lots have no remaining room on the ground floor, experts recommend that you use the other floors. Consider incorporating balconies, rooftop patios, and deck offs on the top floors.

Optimizing your outdoor creates a sense of more space in your home by inviting the outside to the inside. For example, a balcony in your upstairs lounge will work well to let in some lights and a sense of space into your home.

However, if there’s space on the ground floor where you can create a garden for your outdoors, you’re advised to first check with your area’s building codes before you can go forward with your plans. Some of the tiny space left may only be allowed for parking, among other uses.

Narrow Lots Homes Don’t Have To Be Small

If you have been second-guessing your decision to build your home on a narrow lot, you can finally stop. By implementing the nine tips discussed in this article, you can develop your spacious home on your little lot without worrying about space limits.

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