Buying Fans in Winters? Here’s Why it’s a Great Idea


Residential homes swear by ceiling fans for their efficiency and practicality. These cooling devices are essential for making our homes comfortable and providing us with a breezy environment, perfect for those long summer days. But did you know that fans can also be used to make the environment pleasant and cozy even in the winters?

living room with ceiling fan

When you use your fan at a low speed, it helps create a soothing, breezy environment in the space and keeps stuffiness at bay. In addition, using a fan with a room heater can increase its efficiency and allow it to heat the room more quickly.

Let’s look at some more benefits of using fans in the winter.

1. Ceiling Fans Can be Used as Chandeliers

Yes, you read it right. Since ceiling fans are often installed right in the center of your room’s ceiling, they don’t leave any space for chandeliers and statement pendant lights. However, what if we told you that ceiling fans could double up as chandeliers themselves? Today you can find ceiling fans with stunning light features that act as chandeliers. One excellent example of a ceiling fan featuring a statement pendant light is the London Big Ben Ceiling Fan by Luminous. This ceiling fan comes with a built-in hanging light. In addition, this fan also comes with a 5-point dimmer switch that makes it possible to adjust the intensity of the light according to your mood.

2. Fans Can Enhance the Room’s Décor

Gone are the days when you had to make do with dull ceiling fan designs. Today’s marketplaces are swamped with a plethora of beautiful ceiling fans that serve as ornamental décor items for your home. Whether your home has a classic, rustic design or a modern décor theme, you’re sure to find a fan that not only complements the décor of your room but also serves as a statement focal point for your area. The Enchante Antique Copper ceiling fan from Luminous is one such choice. This wonderfully designed ceiling fan has a shiny finish and lovely hues that make it appear to be nothing less than a statement piece in your space.

3. Fans are Power-Efficient

Ceiling fans use a lot less energy than other types of lighting. They complete the work with minimal power consumption. It is vital, however, that you select a fan with an energy-efficient motor. In this instance, the Luminous Star45 Ceiling Fan is an excellent choice. By utilizing less electricity, this ceiling fan saves money. It also boasts a powder-coated aluminum finish for durability and beautiful looks.

Final Thoughts

So, those are some of the factors that show investing in a fan is a great idea even in the winter.   However, it is vital to choose a reliable product from a well-known brand, such as Luminous. Luminous is a well-known home electrical company, offering a wide range of electricals for your home. With Luminous, you can be certain that your electrical equipment will function efficiently and with little maintenance. Luminous also offers outstanding warranties and after-sales services, providing a terrific shopping experience. To know more about their products, go to their website today.

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