A Brief about Glass Balustrading and its utility in various segments

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Glasses are used in form of panels, panes and door office partition in the interiors of the house to make it look quite more attractive. Talking about the modern architecture, glass Balustrading is quite much in demand and it is heavily used in interior decoration for homes and offices. You must be wondering what exactly ‘Balustrading’ is all about? Balustrading was initially made up of wood or metal, they are the horizontal or vertical sheets of glass panes supported with vertical alignment in between. With the advancement in architecture, Glass Balustrading is widely used by the designers to add an extra touch of glamour to any interior. This style is heavily used for domestic and for commercial purposes. In the residences, balustrades are often used in terrace or balcony.

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Glass Balustrading is much more elegant when compared to the metal Balustrades. Glass leaves an impression of sleek and stylish looks to the interior of your abode. The sunlight peeps in from the Glass Balustrades, which gives a modern and sophisticated touch altogether. The crucial reason behind using Glass Balustrades is that, it creates an illusion & makes your interior look much more spacious.

Different components of Glass Balustrades

There are several components that are used to form the balustrades. Glass Balustrades are composed components like glass panels, shoe moldings, panel clips and rails. The Glass panels that are used to prepare the Balustrades are quite toughened as they are being greatly used for the safety purposes. These panels are half to one inch thick and can be curved or straight. The edges are perfectly smooth to ensure safety.

Depending on the demands of your interior, you can also opt to customize your requirements for Glass Balustrades. You can also go for the conventional Balustrades, which are made of metals and aluminum. In case you are going for the metal or aluminum option, you have to use the Panel clips made up of brass and metal. Even the metal balustrades also give a very classy look.


Where can Balustrades be used?

Balustrades are widely used in the interior as well as in the exterior of your house. Staircases are the right places to make use of the Balustrades. Use of the Balustrades in the staircases can make it safe. Different types of balustrades add beauty and safety to your staircases. Using Glass Balustrades have become a trend these days, as compared to the metal ones. Glass gives an uninterrupted view of the outside.

Balustrades are also used in the terrace and balcony to add some brownie points to the look of your house. With Balustrading you can enhance the look of your house just like that. At the end of the day, there is no thumb rule of using Balustrades; you can make use of it anywhere in the house. You just have to creative. You can also ask for your architecture’s or your interior designer’s suggestion.

Maintenance of the Glass Balustrading

Glass Balustrading hardly requires any maintenance. You can clean it with regular cleaning agents and the look of it will remain intact even after years. They are made of glasses, therefore you will get enough sunlight in the area you will be using Balustrading. The best part is Glass Balustrading is available in different colors and styles. You can opt for the unique designs and colors, matching the wall paint of your interior.


You can also find Glass Balustrading over the online stores. Just click on the one that you like and it will reach at your doorstep within few working days. Now, you can get hold of the interior designers who can help you install it and your interior is ready with a new look. Make your interior the neighbor’s jealousy, and your pride!

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