Best Tricks to Give An Elegant Look to Your Kitchen


Food is one of our basic needs and that makes the kitchen one of the most important part of our home. Many of us remember our mothers and grandmother making our favorite dish in the kitchen when we come back all hungry from school. In today’s modern houses most architects design our habitat in such a way that the kitchen, dining area and living room all merge together and form a beautiful conglomeration.  The following tips are bound to help you in making your kitchen look elegant:

  • Lightning can make a hell and heaven difference in any room and your kitchen is no exception to that.  You could go for some eccentric lightning and make sure that the hierarchy among lights is easily noticed. You wouldn’t want the guest to notice the main light last!


  • Include an area rug in your kitchen and also see that it enhances the interior decoration of your cookhouse. Area rugs make your kitchen look inviting and also keep it clean.
  • Kitchen flooring is crucial and never makes the mistake of neglecting it. Get some fancy tiles for your kitchen or get wooden floors if you are into the latter. Both have the reputation of making any area look sophisticated and elegant.
  • In most kitchens, the dining table is included. So pay attention to that and get fresh flowers which you can place at the centre of the table. Also a bowl of fresh salad or fruits just before dinner makes the area look very appetizing. Also a simple but refined table cloth does reflect your elegant taste.
  • You could add some fancy artwork in your kitchen. Designs of spoons, forks, cups and other utensils can look well on the kitchen walls and the door of the refrigerator. Most homes have a habit of using post it notes in their kitchen. Why not do something unique and unconventional like hanging a chalkboard on one of the kitchen walls and writing messages and things to remember? Just make sure that the board goes well with the decor of your kitchen.


  • Get rid of those age old cabinet doors which make your kitchen look uninviting. You can change the old cabinets with ornate ones which are not only inexpensive but also give a sophisticated touch to your kitchen.
  • A large eye catching window above the sink or a beautiful polished door can do the trick most of the times. Also colorful appliances give your kitchen a youthful look and are visually appealing for both the homeowners and the visitors.
  • If you are more of the artistic type, then why not paint the ceiling? A shocking pink or a classy off white? Also you could purchase cheap but flamboyant wallpapers and decorate your kitchen.
  • Sometimes you can use a particular thing to dominate your kitchen. For example a big stove or a huge refrigerator can take anyone’s attention away from any minor flaws of your kitchen. Even open storage system can build enough glamour in your kitchen.
  • Last but definitely not the least, for hygiene and other reasons you should keep your kitchen clean. A cluttered and dirty kitchen doesn’t do justice to any home and creates a challenge in making the kitchen look elegant. Bliss cleaning all the way.

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