What Is the Best Sleeping Position To Avoid Back or Neck Pain?

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Better Posture to sleep

The posture at bedtime is very important for the quality of sleep, in addition, it is ideal to recover the energy expended during the day.  Sleeping well is vital to maintain physical and mental condition and at the same time prevents disease, because a third of our life is spent sleeping, it is essential to do it in the best possible way

Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is undoubtedly the worst posture we can have for good health. Too much pressure is exerted on the organs and many vital functions are interrupted. Many people have this habit and must correct themselves for the following disadvantages:

  • It hinders the entry of air when breathing
  • Having a crooked neck creates damaging tension
  • It puts a lot of pressure on the muscles
  • Alters the position of the spine
  • Circulation is disturbed
  • Fluid retention develops
  • The pressure of the face on the pillow tends to wrinkle

So what is the best sleeping posture?

The researchers do not finish agreeing on the best sleeping position, it also depends on the possible health problems that each person may have

Sleep on your back

It is one of the most neutral positions. With this position your body remains fully supported on the mattress and the spine remains straight, yes, you must have a mattress with a medium or high firmness It prevents neck pain and is ideal for women, since it remains firm the chest It is recommended to use a pillow not too high on the neck and put a cushion or other pillow under the knees to decrease the tension in the lower back. Sleeping on your back avoids the appearance of wrinkles, since there is no contact with the pillow or sheets With this position it is very likely to snore when the throat has pressure on the pillow, since it prevents the passage of air when breathing

Sleeping on your side

It is the most common and most comfortable position, according to researchers sleeping on the side could be good for your brain, it removes accumulated waste more easily


  • Reduces acid reflux
  • If we maintain a fetal posture, we relieve tension in the lower back
  • If you have snoring problems, with this position you reduce them

Studies suggest that sleeping on the left side is better for health. It allows waste from the digestive system to move more easily. It is believed that stomach sleepers are more likely to develop back pain. So, it is very vital to follow a proper position while sleeping for better health. Your body filters the lymphatic fluid through the lymph nodes.

With which posture to sleep if you have back pain?

  • Sleep on your back, your back resting on the mattress
  • Place a cushion or pillow under your knees
  • Use a pillow not too high

It will be important to check the rest equipment, it must maintain the optimal properties for a good rest. The mattress must be firm enough to maintain the balance between the spine and cervicals.  You may be interested in this other article, which is the best mattress for my back. Maybe you want to find a quality mattress in our store:

To choose the mattress, rare is the day they do not arrive at the store and they ask me some of these questions

  • What is the best mattress?
  • What model do you have?
  • Are spring mattresses or foam mattresses better?

The world of the mattress today is very extensive, with many possible combinations such as spring, rubber, memory foam, latex or natural fibers.

There is no generic rule of which is the best mattress, each system and materials have different benefits

To choose the mattress, the ideal is to put yourself in the hands of a professional, and who can inform you about the characteristics of each one, once the mattress has been tested in all the positions you usually sleep on, you decide which one best suits your needs personal

Viscoelastic characteristics:

* It is an elastic material that adapts to your body, the thicker the visco, the greater the feeling of welcoming that it transmits to us.

* It has the ability to reduce pressure points

* It is a thermo sensitive material , which adapts to the temperature you may have

* Provides great independence of beds so you will not notice the movements of who sleeps with you

The memory foam can have different densities and is measured in kg / m3, the higher the density the better it is of better quality. A recommended density for a mattress can be around 50 Kg / m3

One of the things that we have to be clear about is that the mattresses have to have a core that supports the memory foam, they can be a spring block or foam.

The mattresses that have a block of springs can come on 3 types:

1. Biconico

It is the traditional cone-shaped spring, it is located vertically and it ends at the center, joined by steel wire. They are usually of medium firmness.

2. Continuous

They are formed with a single-thread housing, Z-shaped throughout the structure, transmitting a feeling of high firmness and high durability

3. Independent

Its manufacture is more complex since they are totally independent springs, a great advantage, which provides great independence of beds between the sleepers.

Depending on the number of springs and their diameter, they will be firm.

There is NO mattress that is entirely made of memory foam.

The best mattress can be the one that groups comfort in the best way, all the personal factors necessary for a good rest, such as posture, weight, movement, temperature. The Sleep Shop Inc has some great choices of mattresses to choose from must visit to see how their features.

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