Top Ways To Repair A Broken Brick Facade

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Bricks are incredibly strong and durable. A brick finish on a house or even a brick wall can last for years. However, wind, rain, and other elements of nature can damage the finish over time. The brick façade can also be damaged through vandalism and accidents.

The good news is that it’s possible to repair a brick façade, you simply need to know-how.

brick facade

Repair or Replace The Bricks First

The first step is to identify all the bricks that have been damaged. They may be eroding on the front edge, cracked, or simply been shattered by a blow.

Very badly damaged bricks will need to be removed. You’ll want to get a replacement brick of the same color before you start. It should then be possible, using a re-pointing tool, to clear the cement around the damaged brick.

Take your time with this part of the process, the brick needs to slide out without disturbing the bricks around it. This means scraping the cement out with something narrow to avoid damaging or moving other bricks.

Once the brick is free you can slide it out and slide the replacement in. It’s a good idea to slide it in dry first to check for fit. You can then mix a little cement, remove the new brick, and put it back in position with new cement.

Re-Point The Wall

Replacing bricks usually means the new brick will stand out. This is partly because it is not weather-worn and also because the cement around it is new.

Fortunately, a professional brick re-pointing firm can re-point the entire wall for you. This entails removing a little of the cement on every joint and then adding new. It gives the wall a uniform look and the perfect finish.

Mortar Option

An alternative approach is to get a bag of ready-to-use mortar mix. This product is usually color-coded to match your existing bricks, that’s why you need to choose the mix carefully.

You’ll need to follow the instructions on the bag, this involves emptying out the mortar and adding the right amount of water to get the perfect mix.

You can then use the mortar mix on the bricks to repair them.

To start with, you’ll want to brush the wall, ensuring all loose debris is removed. It should then be possible to spray the wall, making it damp. This helps with adherence. Slowly, using a trowel, push the mortar mix into the damaged bricks. You can then shape the mortar to mimic the original appearance of the brick. You’ll want the mortar to set and you may need to apply several layers.

All your tools can be cleaned with running water and you can remove mortar splatter off adjacent bricks with clean water and a damp cloth.

But, if you take your time, you’ll get a finish that looks perfect. Taking your time is worth it to eliminate the broken brick façade. However, you should note that this is a slow process and takes time to get each brick right. You may prefer passing this job onto the professionals

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