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Benefits of Ceramic Knife | Everything You Should Know

Are you looking for information about a ceramic knife? Or, do you want to know the benefit of a ceramic knife? To answer your question, we will discuss anything related to the Ceramic knife.

There is no doubt that the knife is a very important tool every kitchen should have. Knives come in different shapes and sizes. Different knife serves its own purposes. A high-quality knife helps you to finish your job faster and better. Before you buy a knife, there are many things that you need to consider. However, I believe that sharpness is one of the most important aspects that you should look for. Both beginners and professionals will need to have a sharp knife. You cannot control your slice if you don’t have a sharp knife. You should never use a blunt knife as it will not cut properly. Moreover, you will more likely to get injured when you use a blunt knife.

What Should You Know About The Ceramic Knife?

Unlike a stainless steel knife, a ceramic knife is made from non-metallic material called zirconium dioxide and also known as zirconia. Ceramic knife is the sharpest knife available in the market. This particular knife is sharpened with the diamond. This true as diamond is the only material harder than Zirconium dioxide.

Ceramic knife is very sharp, you can cut a very thin slice of vegetable and fruit easily. This knife can also be used to cut boneless meat as well as peeling vegetables and fruit. However, hard surface food and boneless meat with the bone chip should be avoided as it will reduce the sharpness of the knife. The blade of a ceramic knife has very thin edge. You can chip off this very thin part if you rub the ceramic knife against a hard surface.  Ceramic knife is suitable to cut different fruit such as guava, pear, banana, orange, apple, etc. Vegetables such as cabbage, leave, chili, tomatoes, potatoes, and union can be sliced with ceramic union perfectly.

However, Ceramic knives are not designed to cut hard food items such as hard-frozen food, bone and any fruit that has heavy and thick rinds like pumpkins and pineapples.

We have mentioned earlier that to maximize its sharpness, Ceramic knives have a very thin edge. So the hard surface can easily chip off the thin surface of the knives. However, just to let you know that the chipping of the thin surface of the ceramic knife is quite common. In most cases, the chipping is not visible. This is true as chipping will happen micron. The micron chipping will not affect the sharpness of your knife significantly.

Ceramic knife is not suitable to cut any hard objects. So, what kind of cutting board you can use with the ceramic knife? You can use different types of cutting boards as long as they are not too hard for your ceramic knife. The wood board, plastic board, and bamboo cutting board, all are safe for ceramic knives. If you want to maintain the sharpness of your knife, you should never use your knife on glass, granite or floor.

Pros and cons of Ceramic knife

Before you buy ceramic knives, it will be better for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic knives.

Advantages of Ceramic Knife

Unlike conventional knives, ceramic knife offers many advantages such as:

Disadvantages of ceramic knives you should know

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