AROEVE MK04 Air Purifier Review

AROEVE MK04 Air Purifier Review

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The AROEVE MK04 is a contemporary air purifier designed to enhance indoor air quality significantly. As a homeowner with experience in using various air purification systems, I’ve had the opportunity to thoroughly test the AROEVE MK04. This review will provide an in-depth look at its design, functionality, performance, and overall value.

Key Takeaways:

  • The AROEVE MK04 has a sleek design and solid build quality, though it is somewhat heavy.
  • It features a multi-stage filtration system that effectively removes various pollutants, improving air quality.
  • The purifier operates quietly on lower settings but can be noisy at high settings, with smart sensor technology optimizing energy use.
  • Maintenance is straightforward, but the cost of replacement filters can be a concern, and it lacks Wi-Fi and app integration.

Design and Build Quality

The AROEVE MK04 boasts a sleek, modern design that seamlessly integrates into various home decor styles. Its compact and vertical form factor allows it to fit comfortably in different rooms, from living spaces to bedrooms. The build quality is solid, with high-grade materials that give it a premium feel. However, the unit is somewhat heavier than other models in its category, which might pose a slight inconvenience when moving it between rooms.


The AROEVE MK04 delivers powerful air purification, suitable for medium to large rooms. In my living room (approximately 300 square feet), it noticeably improved air quality within an hour. On lower settings, the purifier operates quietly, making it suitable for use in bedrooms or offices without causing disturbances.

The MK04 includes a smart sensor that adjusts the fan speed based on the air quality, ensuring optimal performance while conserving energy. While it’s generally quiet, the highest fan setting can be quite loud. This may be disruptive if you are sensitive to noise, particularly in a bedroom environment.

Filtration System and Efficiency

The AROEVE MK04 features a multi-stage filtration system:

  1. Pre-Filter: Captures large particles like dust and hair.
  2. HEPA Filter: Removes 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including allergens, pollen, and fine dust that may cause asthma.
  3. Activated Carbon Filter: Absorbs odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

This combination ensures comprehensive air purification, making the MK04 suitable for households with pets, smokers, or allergy sufferers. During my testing, the air quality in a 300-square-foot room improved noticeably within an hour.

Noise Levels

The AROEVE MK04 operates quietly on its lower settings, which is ideal for nighttime use or in a quiet workspace. However, at its highest setting, the noise level increases significantly and may be disruptive if you are noise-sensitive. Despite this, the noise at higher settings is a common trait among powerful air purifiers.

Energy Efficiency

The smart sensor technology in the AROEVE MK04 adjusts the fan speed based on real-time air quality, optimizing energy usage. This ensures that the purifier runs efficiently, conserving energy when the air is clean and ramping up power when higher purification is needed.


Maintaining the AROEVE MK04 is straightforward. The filter compartment is easily accessible, making filter replacements simple and hassle-free. The control panel includes indicators for filter status, ensuring you are always aware when it’s time for a replacement. However, the cost of replacement filters can add up over time, a common issue with high-efficiency air purifiers.

Additional Features

  • Timer Function: The built-in timer allows you to set the purifier to run for a specific duration, which is handy for energy conservation and tailored usage.
  • Child Lock: The child lock feature prevents accidental changes to settings, making it safer for households with young children.

AROEVE MK04 Air Purifier Pros and Cons

Sleek, modern designNoisy at high settings
High-quality multi-stage filtrationLack of Wi-Fi and app integration
Effective air purificationFilter replacement costs
User-friendly interface
Quiet operation on lower settings
Smart sensor technology

AROEVE MK04 Air Purifier Alternatives

If you’re considering alternatives to the AROEVE MK04, here are a few options:

Levoit Core 300: A compact and affordable air purifier with HEPA filtration and quieter operation.

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Molekule Air Purifier: Uses PECO technology to destroy pollutants at a molecular level, offering advanced air purification, though at a higher price point.

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Coway AP-1512HH: Offers smart air quality monitoring and an eco mode for energy savings.

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AROEVE MK04 Air Purifier FAQs

How often do the filters need to be replaced?

The filters generally need to be replaced every 6-8 months, depending on usage and air quality.

Is the AROEVE MK04 suitable for large rooms?

The MK04 is ideal for medium to large rooms, effectively covering areas up to 300 square feet.

Does it have a sleep mode?

Yes, the MK04 has a sleep mode that reduces noise levels for nighttime operation.

Can the AROEVE MK04 help with pet odors?

Yes, the activated carbon filter effectively absorbs pet odors and other household smells.

Final Words

The AROEVE MK04 is a robust and efficient air purifier that excels in improving indoor air quality. Its multi-stage filtration system effectively tackles a variety of pollutants, making it a great choice for homes with allergies, pets, or smoke issues. Despite minor drawbacks like noise at high settings and the lack of app integration, its overall performance and sleek design make it a valuable addition to any home. For those seeking a reliable and high-performing air purifier, the AROEVE MK04 is a worthy investment.

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