Affordable Ways to Redecorate Your Home

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Currently, the state of the real estate has been in a slump that more and more people would decide on upgrading homes rather than buy an entirely new one. Some upgrades would add considerable value to your home while the rest not so much but, whichever upgrade you may want to incorporate one thing is for sure: It will give your home a fresh new look. Improving our homes requires a multitude of stuff to do: listing the materials needed, shopping for those materials, replacing countertops, a general cleaning, etc. However, some of these upgrades will come at an exorbitant price which, unfortunately, would take years for the average homebuyer to save for.

But upgrading our homes does not deep pockets or require us to break the banks. In fact, there are affordable upgrades you can introduce into your homes that would not hurt your budget. So if you are looking for affordable ideas in your DIY remodeling project, take a look at the list below so that whether you are living in towering condos or residential areas such as  Avida Homes, you can be guaranteed of an inexpensive fresh and new home ambiance.

1.) Fix the front door

The front door is essentially what your visitors will notice prior to anything else, and apart from that, it says a lot about your home and the kind of homeowner you are. If you have a front door that is about to fall apart, consider fixing it or better yet, considering installing a new one. Upgrading to a high-end fiberglass door can be rather costly, but you can achieve roughly the same new look for a lot less simply by adding new hardware and a fresh coat of paint. Giving it a brand new doorbell or updating the lighting are some of the inexpensive fixes that can add to the overall aesthetic value of your front entry. Finish off the entry with a welcome mat and a potted plant or a fresh pot of flowers.

front door repair

2.) Give your walls a finishing touch of molding

Utilizing wall moldings is a great way to update the look of your walls at an affordable price. Embellishments come in a multitude of options that you can use. Wood moldings come from simple to ornate which you can paint, stain or leave neutral. There are also moldings that come in flexible materials such as foam making the logistics of installation much easier—some moldings would even include lighting that would give your walls an ambient incandescent glow. Update the walls with moldings and give a room a dramatic dress up.

3.) Add some creative storage

A home can never have enough storage and having more is always better.  However, do not simply begin installing additional cabinets and cupboards. No, amplify the aesthetic value of your homes by coming up with ingenious ways to add integrate storage in nondescript areas such as opening a drywall to create storage cubbies between your wall’s studs, installing a platform storage that could hang from your garage ceiling or hide them in stairs. No matter what it may be, make sure the storage you do install does not clog up valuable space—instead, incorporate them in existing areas.

4.) Install new bathroom accessories

You can give your bathroom a fresh new look simply by replacing existing accessories such as towel bars, light fixtures, towels and a fresh new coat of paint. This will instantly give your bathroom a new and cleaner look, and it does not take a special set of skills to install either. However, keep in mind that these are only effective if your basic fixtures such as the sink and faucet, tub, shower, tiles, and vanity are still in working order.

new bathroom accessories

5.)  Utilize rollouts for your kitchen

Installing rollouts inside kitchen cabinets is probably one of the most convenient and nifty ways to have kitchen storage—and they do not cost too much. These rollouts are a convenient installation and addition to your kitchen as they bring everything that is out of sight or at the back of the cabinets right into your fingertips. However, be mindful of your cabinet’s measurements as you would not want to order the wrong size. Measure the opening of the cabinet but be sure to account for the hinges, door, and other obstructions.

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