A No-Fuss Guide to Essential Bathroom Accessories

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Your bathroom sees a lot of traffic everyday that’s why it pays to have it well-equipped for daily use. If you recently got some work done in the room, you can put in the finishing touches by getting essential accessories for bathrooms. However, many customers I have worked with have little to no idea of what objects and fixtures are needed inside their bathrooms. I created this simple, no-fuss guide to take the guesswork out of the selection processing, letting you quickly and easily choose bathroom accessories.

What should you get?

Here is a list of the accessories you’ll be needing:

  • Caddies – Everyone needs a caddy for their stuff. To bump up organizing toiletries in your bathroom, consider assigning a caddy for every individual in your home, if that’s possible.

Guide to Essential Bathroom Accessories1

  • Soap DishesEvery bathroom will at least have soap so make sure you have a soap dish. Prefer liquid soap? Swap out a soap dish for a dispenser.
  • Shower Doors – Protect the rest of your bathroom (especially your wood cabinets!) from water splashes with the help of a shower door. You can also use a shower curtain as an alternative.
  • Special Lighting – While you won’t spend all day in your bathroom, the time that you do spend in it should also be enjoyable that’s why you might want to consider giving lighting special thought. If you don’t want stark brightness, for instance, you can use accent lights on walls instead of an overhead light source.

Guide to Essential Bathroom Accessories2

  • Mirror – What’s a bathroom without a mirror? Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes now so don’t hesitate to go over your options to pick out what will complement your bathroom the best. Hardware – Updating your bathroom goes beyond just upgrading walls and floors. Sometimes, simply changing hardware can contribute a lot towards refreshing an outdated bathroom. Aside from just getting new ones, also consider changing finishes. Say, you’ve always had chrome faucets. Check to see if brass or bronze will look better in your bathroom. Keep in mind as well that you don’t have to stick to just one finish as long as your choices complement each other.
  • Window Kits – Got a window near your shower or bathtub? Install window trim kits to make it waterproof.

Optional Accessories

  • Shower Seats – Shower seats become a necessity mostly when you have a senior adult living with you. However, you can also have one installed if you or anyone in your home has a medical condition that makes it impossible to stand for periods of time or simply want more relaxing showers.

Guide to Essential Bathroom Accessories3

  • Grab Bars – Bathrooms can be slippery because of the combination of moisture and smooth surfaces. Whether or not you have someone in your home at high risk of falling, you can prevent falls by installing grab bars in key portions of your bathroom. Thinking of getting a walk-in bathtub? Those come pre-installed with grab bars.

Why a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom projects are some of the most worthwhile for your home as they can significantly increase your property’s value and add a whole new level of relaxation for you to enjoy. With the right accessories in place, you’ll also improve function, which will contribute to achieving the best level of satisfaction for you.


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