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A Clear Look at Glass Doors

Are you considering glass as the primary material for your entry or patio doors but finding it difficult to decide whether it would be a good decision or not? Without a doubt, glass doors are stylish and they do have plenty of benefits. However, it would definitely be a smart move to know your options before making a final decision.

When it comes to glass doors, there are plenty of styles and designs. And, more often than not, dealing with this particular area is more of a matter of taste than the actual benefits. So instead, we’ll be focusing on your options when it comes to the type of glass.

Clear Glass Panels

Clear glass has a very straightforward appeal, but it is considered to be very stylish – which is why you’ll see it on many homes. The secret: it is not in the glass itself, but in the kind of view it presents.

Clear glass works great if you want people to be able to focus on the interior and exterior design of the home from a single vantage point. For instance, a front door with a mahogany frame and clear glass panel would focus a person’s attention on the beauty of the frame with your interior design in the background.

Insulated Glass

Glass wouldn’t seem like a good idea for homes that require plenty of insulation, but there’s actually a solution: doors with insulated glass. These doors have two or more layers of glass with spaces between each layer that are filled with a specific type of gas or warmed air, thus preventing unwanted heat or cold transfer.

Textured Glass

Textured glass, on the other hand, is a good choice for privacy. There are different types, such as frosted, beveled, rippled, and water glass. You’ll still be able to take advantage of the stylishness of glass doors without sacrificing privacy.


Toughened Glass

If you’re concerned about security yet still want to take advantage of the stylishness of glass doors, then toughened glass is the perfect solution. This type of glass is common in commercial buildings, but it is also an excellent choice for residences.

Stained Glass Doors

While stained glass is usually associated with Victorian-era type designs, it has modern designs as well. In fact, many modern commercial buildings use stained glass for their doors, although admittedly, the main purpose is usually to display a logo, symbol, or some type of image. However, there are manufacturers that offer amazing designs specifically for residential applications.


Low-E Glass Doors

If you’re looking for additional energy efficiency, Low E glass doors are the perfect solution. These types of doors are energy efficient no matter what season. They can keep your home warm during winter by preventing heat from escaping, and cool during summer by preventing heat from entering the home.


Author Bio:

Bill Chase is the President and Design Consultant of Hi-Tech Window & Siding, Installation, Inc. A graduate of Westfield State University, where he also served on the Board of Trustees, Bill also holds an MBA from the Boston College Carroll School of Management. Under his leadership, Hi-Tech has become known for delivering outstanding home repair, renovation, and improvement work that embodies precision craftsmanship, materials, and products that are built to last, and the very highest level of personal and attentive service.


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