What does the colour of your front door say about you?

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Colour is a form of non-verbal communication. Colour psychology is one of the most interesting (and possibly controversial) aspects of business marketing. Nevertheless, understanding how colour influences human behaviour continues to inform experts in their branding decisions. Colours, along with sounds and odours, inevitably evoke some sort of emotional response.

Colour trends are picked apart by gender, culture, age and a whole host of other demographics to enable experts to predict winning colour formulas for branding and marketing campaigns. The truth is calling out behaviour from our colour likes and dislikes isn’t all that simple. Our colour choices are also shaped by our experiences.

We have a tendency to choose clothes, interior décor and cars according to our colour likes. So, with the front door of your home representing a passageway to your personality, what does the colour of your front door say about you?

We’ve consulted the colour experts, explored the style guides, delved into folklore, and taken a peek at the colour principles of Feng Shui to come up with this definitive guide. Here’s what we think the colour of your front door says about you.

The Traditional Red Door

Red stands out and in colour psychology there’s a mixed bag of interpretations. The colour red it seems is energising and representative of passion, but it’s also associated with anger, intolerance and aggression. A report in the Guardian earlier this year revealed a tenuous link between the red doors of the homes of asylum seekers and increasing vandalism.

Conversely, North American settlers painted their doors red as a sign to welcome travellers. In different cultures there are different meanings. In Scotland a red door is used to signify that the mortgage has been paid off. In China, red invites good luck and happiness during the Chinese New Year. And, according to Feng Shui principles a red door is welcoming and should always be the colour of choice on a south facing door.

Your red door could be symbolic of many things, but there’s no doubt it will call attention to your home exterior and make a cheerful and bold statement.

Behind the Green Door

According to Shakin’ Stevens’ song lyrics there’s a happy crowd behind the green door. Green represents balance and harmony. In colour psychology it provides a balance between the head and the heart. Green has a tendency to be associated with nature and growth, and people generally like the colour green. It is psychologically connected to feelings of trust and acceptance.

Green is apparently the most popular colour for a front door. It has a traditional feel about it. In Feng Shui green works well on East or Southeast facing front doors, and represents renewal, fresh energy and new beginnings. Green is calming and nourishing to your health. If you are looking for an opportunity to rebalance and expand, painting your front door green could be just what you need to heal a happy crowd.

The Cheery Yellow Statement Door

You are making a bold and cheerful statement when you paint your front door bright yellow. It screams joy and positivity. Yellow is mentally stimulating and symbolic of clarity and intellect. It’s a happy and enlivening colour. It is uplifting and illuminating. In colour psychology, yellow is the great communicator and loves to talk.

When it comes to front doors, it’s definitely the colour of choice for the extrovert. Anxious souls should avoid the colour yellow. It does little to calm the nerves.

The Mediterranean Blue Door

Blue is a reliable and popular colour. It represents inner security and confidence. It conjures up a sense of calm and relaxation, with images of a tranquil Mediterranean Sea and magical blue skies. Blue is the colour of water and heaven, so it is symbolic of cleansing and purity. Blue inspires the imagination and gives us a sense of freedom.

According to Feng Shui principles, if you want to stimulate more money and income, make sure you incorporate the colour blue in your life, and that includes your front door. Feng Shui determines that a front door facing North benefits most from being painted blue, but blue is also acceptable for East and South East facing doors too.


No.10 The Black Door

It’s no surprise to learn that the black front door of 10 Downing Street in colour terms represents a world of order and control. In colour psychology black relates to the hidden and the secretive. Black hides, while white brings light. Black exudes power, self-control and discipline. It is protective and mysterious. Black doors are not for the faint-hearted.

Teenagers often have a psychological need to wear black. It represents transition from the innocence of childhood to the sophistication of adulthood. If it’s a formal and grown-up look you are after, then painting your front door the colour black will do the job hands down.


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This article was provided by Sara Bryant, independent content writer for Wessex Garage Doors.


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  1. An orange door is the most popular front door I do. Maybe it’s a Midwest thing, I don’t know. Great article on what colors mean.

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