9 Things to Consider Before Painting a Room

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Painting refers to the changing of the colors of the walls of your room. The process is used to enhance the beauty of one’s house. Whenever one intends to sell his house the first step he takes is repaint the entire house as to improve the color schemes and make it more attractive for the people who are to come look. Now, as simple as it sounds painting does require some prerequisites. If you just get any bucket of paint and intend to get the room colored with it believe it or not this will be the decision you will regret for a long time. This article will let you know about 9 things that should be considered before you start painting a room. Ecopainting Inc – Commercial Services will be glad to help you with the choices you make.

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It is better to get the room prepped up for painting. There must not be any furniture or any item in the way so that the painting task becomes easy. Cover the furniture, door knobs and things like these with newspaper or sheets to avoid them from being colored unnecessarily.

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Get a sample of the color you wish to apply and paint a small area. Let it dry and observe its color in both daylight and nightlight and then decide whether you want it for the whole room or not.


People often avoid bright colors just because they fear what that color will bring out. While painting your room don’t avoid any color. If you have a large room go for dark colors since they provide the depth to the room. If you have a smaller room, light colors are the way to go since they can make the room look larger.

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Change can be made:

Even after the testing, you don’t like the color for the entire room you can always change that color. There are chances that the color seemed okay when you tested it on a small area but when it covered all the walls it became a little too much. Don’t hesitate to change the color.

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The amount of paint you need is an important thing to determine. Running out or having an excess is both a problem. For the determination, square footage is one of the things to consider. If your wall has been primed you will need one coat if not then two coats will be needed.


Priming is for sealing the wall so that the base becomes smooth enough for the paint. This will reduce the cost of painting but even after this, the walls are to be cleaned for dust and other particles.

Rolling or brushing?

Always brush the corners first so that the rough marks left due to the brush can be smoothed by the use of the rollers. This is a tip that can save a lot of time and also make the paint perfect.


The most important step is the choice of the finish material. High gloss paint finishes are a good choice for durability and they are in fact easy to clean but they do bring out the imperfections of your wall. Flat paint will do the exact opposite and thus eggshell finish is the best combination.

Brushes and supplies:

Along with paint, you must have the best brushes and rollers. Try to get a ladder too which gets you the proper balance. All these things are a must if you want the output to be perfect.

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