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6 Ways to Add A Vintage Touch To Your Space

We may be nearing the year 2020, a future envisioned to be swimming with hover cars, private spaceships, and robots galore but it seems like the further into the future we go, the stronger a pull vintage charm has on us.

Vintage can be anything as old as the Gothic period and as recent as the ‘90s, so if you feel a particular interest in a certain period, by all means, stick to that. However, if you are not familiar with the styles and different pieces, all you have to know is that a vintage item is just something from a different time or era.

If you’re feeling like you want to work a touch of the past into your decor and you’re not sure where to start, here are 6 great ways to do just that.

Start It From The Bottom

It really helps to narrow down a certain mood or atmosphere for each room. Are you going for a cozy, chill-out kind of vibe? Or maybe something a little bit funky and edgy? There are colors, patterns, materials that suit each mood.

If you have a lounge space you may want to try a faded illusion rugs with light, pastel colors. You can also use a rug to tie contrasting elements, like traditional and modern, together.

Don’t underestimate the power that a well-placed, well-chosen rug can do for a room. It may be a feature that we often overlook when redecorating, but its power to transform is extraordinary.

Add A Little Reflection

Whether you want to bring in more light, give the illusion that a certain space is bigger than it actually is, or are looking for an unusual yet striking focal piece, a vintage mirror or two may just be your answer.

Older mirrors bring a great sense of personality to a room. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, not to mention styles, and you’re bound to find one that suits your tastes. You can use the aged mirror as a backdrop in your kitchen or one with an ornately carved frame right in the entrance above an entry table.

There are endless ways to decorate with mirrors that can really kick your decor up a few notches. The great thing about mirrors is that they are as beautiful as they are functional, and you can never really have enough!

Statement Furniture

Vintage furniture works as a terrific statement piece in any space, especially if the overall theme is more contemporary. Not all your furniture has to be from the same era, in fact, mixing up the different styles, colors and materials of different periods lend a level of texture that is both interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

A great way to play around with vintage furniture is to use items in rooms that they were not originally intended for; like a vanity table in the entrance, a vintage folding screen as a room divider, a dresser as a liquor cabinet, and so on.

A vintage piece of furniture can even be made the focal point of the room by surrounding it with monochrome furniture or simply by placing it among less eye-catching pieces. There are really just so many lovely different pieces of antique and vintage furniture, as well as ways to use them to spice up your space; you’ll just have to try them out to see what suits you best.

Renew, Reuse, Recycle   

Just as you can use furniture where they weren’t intended to be used, you can also repurpose pieces into something completely different.

Try transforming a door into a coffee table, an old suitcase into a chair, old board games into conversation-starting coffee or side tables, a few old crates can be stacked to make a rustic shelf, a crib into an outdoor bench. You can also reimagine little knick-knacks like ashtrays into jewelry holders, stitching vintage handkerchiefs into a curtain for the bedroom window, an old mailbox as storage for newspapers and magazines, and so much more.

These kinds of things can be found at flea markets, garage sales, your grandparents’ house, and they’re things that are likely to be left to collect dust. If you can find a way to turn them into something useful or even decorative, you’ll be breathing new life into something forgotten, and adding an entirely unique, vintage touch to your home.


Some of the world’s most coveted works of art weren’t discovered until long after the artist’s time. Who knows what kind of underestimated treasure you could come across in an antique store?

Vintage paintings, sketches, sculptures, and even frames can be a great addition to your decor. Even old movie posters serve as a great conversational piece to add a little life and character to your space.

Light It Up

Never underestimate the power of lighting. Lighting does much more than just brighten up a dark space. Lighting sets the mood, adds personality, and can really affect the rest of the decor.

Older lights tend to be much softer, which adds a kind of texture and mystery you can’t find in modern lighting. You can also use lamps and fixtures for decorative purposes combined with the right light bulb so you can make the most of it, especially since some pretty ones don’t actually do much by way of adding physical light.

A great way to go is to use multiple fixtures for different purposes and different areas of the room. Vintage table and floor lamps work great in little reading nooks and a sparkling chandelier does wonders for a dining room or even the entrance hall. For an even more rustic, historical feel, you could set up oil lamps in various areas of the home or even invest in a candle chandelier to lend an extra layer of magic to your space.

Antique and vintage pieces are loaded with the kind of history and personality that simply cannot be found in contemporary styles. You can mix and match to your heart’s desire and make your space, truly your own. The most important thing is to find things that you love. At the end of the day, you want to enjoy your home, so why not fill it with things that bring you joy?

Have any more ideas about how to add some vintage flair to your space? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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