How to Make Your Bed Like A Luxury Hotel

Last Updated on November 21, 2022 by Kravelv

All of us have fantasized about possessing a bedroom that is replete with the comfort and opulence of a luxury hotel room. It is important to get plentiful of rest while travelling and the comfy hotel beds helps us doze off with ease after a long day of travelling or attending business meetings. Many of us would have wandered while lying at those hotel beds that what is it about these beds that make them so appealing, and how do hotels make their bed so comfortable at the first place? Similarly, others may ask how can we replicate the calm and inviting feel of hotel rooms, and how to make a bed hotel style? Do not worry because we have got you covered! We have prepared this special piece to answer all these questions, and other unarticulated ones that will help you to set up the perfect bedroom for a consistently good sleeping experience. 

1. Go for a Quality Mattress

The first and foremost step that you need to take in the direction of a revamp that provides the feel of a hotel bed at home is to invest in a suitable mattress. A great body of researches shows that most luxury hotels opt for memory foam, innerspring, or hybrid mattresses in the rooms. Popular luxury hotel chains like The Fairmont and the Marriott prefer using memory foam mattresses, albeit with a firmness level ranging between medium to medium-firm. This is to prevent a sagging feel and to provide enough support to the back. When at home, do not forget to get the right foundation for your bed for memory foam mattresses. A solid foundation made of wood or metal improves air circulation and increases its endurance and stability.  But your work doesn’t end here because most hoteliers will fit their mattresses with an additional layer of soft comforters or fluffy bed toppers. Toppers and pillows made of featherwork as a charm to provide the wholesome feel of grandness that you normally find at good hotels.

2. Pay More Attention While Picking the Bedding

Speaking about pillows, make sure that the pillows you pick for your bed have the right firmness and girth so that you do not experience any discomfort. Stomach sleepers usually need flat pillows but most side sleepers will require a pillow that is thick enough to maintain their natural spinal alignment. Considering that you will be spending no less than one-third of your day wrapped around your pillows, it is ideal to pick pillow covers that are made of soft and breathable materials such as silk or satin. The quality of your sheets should also be top-notch with a thread count upwards of 300 to maintain the soft tactile sensation and bring the experience of a hotel bed at home. If you’re interested in having high-quality and delivering the ideal temperature sheets, you can shop here and place your order. Quilts and bedspreads are similarly soft and comfy and are preferable to be spread over the sheets. Not only do they prevent the original sheet from getting exposed to dirt and stains but also provide the plush feel that you generally find in hotel beds.   

3. Choice of Color is Essential

When you think of hotel beds you think of the color white and there’s a good reason for that. Sheets, pillowcases, and towels are made available in this color to flaunt the super clean and hygienic appearance that the hotels so passionately strive to maintain. The white sheets help you quickly spot out anything that may affect the health of your skin and hair such as dead skin cells, dust, food crumbs, bed bugs, and fallen hair, among others. Tiny allergens such as these not only spoil the look of your bed but can also seriously harm your health and cause nighttime sleep disruptions. The aim here is to minimize such obstructive forces that damage your sleep quality and maximize your healthy sleeping experience. Buy multiple sets of pillow-covers and bedsheets so that they can be washed regularly to maintain that immaculate white look. The color white also provides a calm effect to the mind which is good for reducing stress and boosting sleep health. Even while picking the color for your bedroom, go for the lighter shades of tranquil colors like blue and green to prevent the risk of anxiety and nightmares. If you need inspiration for picking a color for your room, maybe you should book a hotel in San Jose for example and spend a night there. Sometimes we need to explore deeper to find what is relaxing for us because not everybody is enjoying the same colors. Spending a night in a high-quality bedroom will help you for sure!

4. Layering is the Way

Luxury hotels usually prefer two layers of sheets- fitted and flat. The fitted sheet is slightly bigger and is meant to be tucked well from all sides. Cover the flat sheet well over the top of the fitted sheet to bring in the authentic hotel bed feel in your house. Similarly, the duvets and blankets should be added over the top of the sheet to provide a cascading effect that inspires absolute lavishness. Irrespective of how many pillows you use while sleeping, it is recommended that you keep at least 5 to 6 pillows that may include a combination of feather pillows, synthetic pillows, cushions or accent pillows, and down pillows. Having a large number of options to choose from is never bad after all in the case of soft and fluffy pillows. On a similar note, try equipping your bedroom with layered lighting that has different modes for specific parts of the day. This sort of lighting prevents your bedroom from unwanted brightness after sunset which can misbalance your circadian rhythm. Evolving from a singular source of lighting into layers of ambient, task, and accent lights, reflects the well-planned and savvy visual aspect that is commonly seen luxury hotel rooms.   

5. Other Important Accessories

Most hotels are aware that adding smaller accessories to your bed-space makes a drastic effect on your sleeping experience. A skirting around your bed is one such addition that you can make to your bed to make it look more fashionable. Adding acoustic partitions to the bedroom is another trick that some hoteliers employ to get rid of the noise and echoing that can hamper your sleep. Adding heavy curtains that block external light and noise can have a similar effect to create a peaceful sleeping experience. You can also opt for a throw or a bed-scarf which is much lighter than a blanket and available in a wide range of colors that can go well with the overall theme of your bedroom. Arrange the bed-throw neatly over the edge of the bed to add contrast to the otherwise all-white bedding. 

Bottom line:

The adult human body requires an uninterrupted 7 to 9 hours of sleep. In this fast-paced world, it is becoming harder and harder to maintain a tight sleep schedule along with regular exercise and a nourishing sleep-inducing diet. Work stress and exposure to more screen time is also playing a role in damaging our sleep quality. Thankfully enough, creating a comfortable bedroom environment which inspires people to pay more attention to their sleep is not that difficult of a task if you have the right knowledge. We hope that the points mentioned above help you recreate the feel of a luxurious hotel room in your own home so that you can experience good sleep quality on a regular basis.

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