6 Proven Strategies to Avoid Moving Damage

Last Updated on April 11, 2022 by Kravelv

One of the challenges of moving house is keeping your items and your home free from damage. In addition to protecting your items, you should also implement ways to keep your home, regardless of whether it’s old or new, from being damaged during the removal. After all, the cost of fixing scratched walls and flooring, holes in the walls, and broken handrails can add to your overall moving costs.

Large furnishings and appliances could get damaged during the move. Also, they could cause scratches and other forms of damage to your home’s wall, ceilings, and flooring.

Fortunately, there are strategies you can implement to avoid or minimize potential damage associated with your home removal in Sydney or anywhere in Australia. Below are six solutions you can consider.

1. Measure the items to move vs. the space you have

Before everything else, you have to measure your furniture to figure out if everything will fit perfectly through your doors, hallways, and stairwells. By knowing the dimensions of your space in relation to the furnishings that should be moved, you can develop a plan and a moving strategy to prevent damage.

2. Dismantle the furniture whenever possible

If your beds, tables or cabinets are so huge that they can’t fit whole through your doors and hallways, you should consider dismantling them to make them easier to take out of the room. Read the owner’s manual to figure out how to safely take off all the detachable parts, such as the handles, legs, and other protruding sections. Keep these parts in sealable bags and label them properly.

You can tape these bags to the furniture they belong to, or place them in the right moving box to make reassembling a lot easier in the new house.

3. Pack the valuable items first

Packing your valuables first will help minimize problems involving potential damage. These include your family heirlooms, electronics, pieces of artwork, costly appliances, and fragile items like glass and dishes. Keeping these items out of the way early on will not only make your removal a lot easier and more organized, but will also keep them safe from accidents.

When packing your valuables and other items, make sure to use high-quality packing supplies. Durable boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper will further minimize the risk of item breakage throughout the move.

4. Protect the flooring, walls, ceilings, and door frames

Whether your house has tile, carpet or hardwood flooring, you must take measures to protect it. Take note that your flooring is susceptible to cracks, scrapes, dirt, and heavy foot traffic. So make sure to cover your floors with doormats, plastic sheeting, flattened cardboard boxes or moving blankets. Using non-slip runners (like the non-slip mats used in bathrooms for safety), especially in high-traffic areas is also highly recommended to prevent falls and slips.

The same is true with your walls – you have to cover them. You can make use of wooden boards, bubble wrap or thick cardboard to protect the walls of narrow hallways and rooms. Hanging drop cloths can also do the trick.

As for your door frames, you can protect them with doorway pads, strong tape, or towels. Take note that even careful removalists may bump into tight door frames while passing through them, so covering these areas is an excellent preventative measure. Door jamb protectors are great tools because these covers have flexible spring clamps that can easily attach to your door without causing any damage.

5. Cover your furniture as well

It is not enough to cover your walls, floors and door frames. You also need to cover the actual furniture with moving blankets or pads to make sure that they will arrive in your new home damage-free. Pay attention to the corners and edges as well by covering them with corner guards.

6. Enlist professional help

Moving is not something you do on a daily basis. Without enough experience and knowledge, you could end up damaging your items and your home no matter how careful you are. It is for this reason that you must enlist the help of professional removalists.

Experienced removalists will not just ensure that your move runs smoothly. With their expertise and specialized equipment, you are assured that all your items will arrive in your new home in perfect condition and that your home remains scratch-free. They can pack and move your items in the safest manner possible.

Your removal company can also provide you with high-quality packing materials and expert tips should you wish to pack some of your belongings yourself. Most importantly, they can offer you a reliable storage solution for as long as you need it.

Rushing the removal job is one of the main causes of damage during the move. By planning in advance and hiring reputable removalists, your moving day should run smoothly and you can adequately protect your items and your home.



Robert Wise, Sales Administration Manager at Nuss Removals, has been a respected figure in the removals industry for over 20 years. His attention to detail and the ability to truly understand the needs of the customer have ensured the successful relocation of thousands of satisfied individuals and families. For moving and storage across Australia and around the world, Robert’s wealth of experience ensures his customers are in safe hands.