Some Clever Uses of Bubble Wrap


Bubble wrap is a flexible transparent material generally used for packing fragile items. It is made by melting down beads of polythene and then turned into the plastic sheets with pockets of air (air bubbles) in between. It was originally created for the purpose of wallpaper, but the inventor observed that it also had the potential of being used as a protective packaging material.  It protects the item wrapped inside from being damaged. People have found various other clever ways to use this material aside from the packaging of delicate items.

Pop Out Your Frustration

Popping out bubble wrap is a good stressbuster. Popping is a natural stress reliever and popping for 1 minute can be as effective as 30 minutes of body massage. Popping bubble wrap is a fun activity and everyone can enjoy it.

bubble wrap

Uses Of  Bubble Wrap In And Around  Your Home

  • Bubble wrap can be used to create unique designs on the walls as it can be used as a unique paint sponge. Dip a bubble sheet pieces in paint and be creative.
  • Bubble wrap can be used outdoors, around your garden and swimming pool.
  • You can protect your potted plants by lining interior of the plant pots with bubble wrap before filling it with soil. Bubble wrap can act as a good insulator and protect the plant against high temperature and cold.
  • You can maintain the food temperature by wrapping the food container with bubble wrap
  • If you are worried about water pipe bursting during the winter, then wrap a bubble sheet around your pipe to prevent pipe bursting. Tie this bubble sheet with some string. It will help maintain the temperature and prevent the pipe bursting and freezing during the winter season.

Say Goodbye To Frost

Do  you get tired of cleaning your car windscreen every winter morning? Try this: Cover the outside of the windscreen with a sheet of bubblewrap when temperatures are expected to be low. Do this before you go to bed. The following morning, the sheet will peel away leaving your windscreen frost free.


Bubble Wrap – Uses In Offices

  • Furniture & other things in and around office such as tables, chairs, walls and other surfaces may get discoloured or scratched over time.  Bubble sheet can be wrapped around the corners of  furniture to keep them safe, and will also help to save your belongings from accidentally getting scratched while moving  from one place to another.
  • Sheets of bubble wrap can be used to line the inside of drawers and cabinets to keep them clean and provent any potential breakages.
  • Bubble wrap does not block natural light so it can be used around the windows to maintain privacy without blocking sunlight.
  • It can also work as a reliable cover for your gadgets and portable office equipment such as laptops, computer, phone, ipad and camera.
  • You can protect your walls from being damage by wrapping sharp corners of your furniture in a bubble sheet, so that they don’t scratch your walls while you are moving them.

Bubble Wrap To Protect Items In Storage

People often put some items in storage when some items are not needed. It is important to protect  these items from mold and mildew. So to protect the  items, cover them up in the bubble wrap .


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