6 Main Causes Of Plumbing Leaks In Your House

Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Kravelv

Don’t you hate coming across an unexpected dripping sound with no recollection whatsoever of what could’ve possibly triggered it? Luckily we can call a plumber to fix that for us. The unusual dripping may seem like a minor problem but it can be indicating a bigger issue. 

Leakage can be the result of different issues occurring within the pipelines. However, the water efflux can be quite evident sometimes, like a tap left running. In any house, water channels are commonly hidden behind concrete walls, which make it more difficult to determine the origin of the problem. 

plumber fixing water leak

To elaborate further, here are 6 main causes of plumbing leaks that you can evaluate by observing them yourself.  

Undermining Of Pipes

Just like other materials made of metal or steel, the water pipes around your house tend to undergo corrosion as time passes. When the tubes corrode away slowly, small amounts of fluid begin to leak through them and over time this can result in a sudden slippage. 

To identify this problem you can look out for discolouration or disfiguration of perceivable pipe areas. If you notice such a thing make sure to get them changed as early as possible to avoid any leakage damage on the rest of the surroundings. 

Water Pressure Damage

Any sort of plumbing can tolerate only a certain amount of force acting on it. The minute this limit exceeds, it results in obvious impairment of the material and ultimately causes the contained water or fluid to spill out. It sometimes happens to be the reason behind instant water leaks. 

This concern of yours can only be alleviated by a professional plumber. Contact a plumbing company and take advice or hire a plumber to manage and maintain what pressure the water should flow through all of the lines.  

Subterranean Movements

This type of incident only occurs if your house is located in a specific area; around trees or areas prone to underground flooding. The underground movements like the growth of trees, earthquakes, etc may be the reason behind your plumbing leakage. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop this problem from occurring. You can only get useful and required amends made afterwards. The respective company will send over someone to repair the damage caused by natural phenomenons. 

Pipe Blockage

Pipe blockage is one of the biggest bases of uncertain leaks. The clogging creates extra pressure and causes pipelines to burst. In addition to that, drain clogs always contain toxic materials that can, in turn, harm and infect the tube as long as it stays stuck in it. The least you can do is to clean drains regularly. If the clog is stuck somewhere out of sight, try unclogging it with a thin, long stick or something similar that fits within the pipe and has the length for it. 

Snapped Seals

Broken seals between pipelines and water connectors can be the underlying problem. Similar to all materials, pipe seals can wear out as time passes. Hence, if nothing else is causing the puddles underneath appliances, then it may be the snapping or breakage of seals. 

Dented Pipes

Another reason for leaks is the distressed pipes around the house. There may be something heavy placed upon the water channels or, there may be a dent or a twist in them. Observe any apparent plumbing that needs untangling. However, sometimes the dent or twisting may be at an unreachable place inside the construction. To avoid having any further plumbing issues, hire the respective authority to alleviate your concerns and evaluate the plumbing every once in a while.

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