Inspirational Home Offices [Infographic]

Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Kravelv

Working from home is becoming more widespread, and while this saves you the problems of the daily commute it can pose the issue of finding somewhere in your home to set up an office without ruining the style of your decorating theme.

We take a look at some ingenious ways you can make office space work in harmony with your living space, without it being too intrusive and yet significantly functional to allow to work properly.

Many modern homes simply don’t have enough space to dedicate an entire room to become an office, however, with some planning you can make a home office fit into virtually any room you wish, albeit a corner of your dining room, living room or bedroom. There are plenty of workstations that can be multifunctional, for example, a dresser in the dining room can also serve as a place for your computer without infringing on valuable space or be unsightly.

Clever storage solutions are also worth considering because as much as you strive to have a ‘paper-free’ office, you’ll find there are always files, books, and other office equipment you simply can’t work without. To solve the storage space option in your office, You can adopt to cloud-based technologies like azure windows virtual desktop service from daas providers instead of the traditional IT hardware which consumes a lot of storage space.

If you don’t have space inside for an office, or prefer not to work in a corner you have the option of taking your home office into the garden. We’ve included some fabulous office pods and sheds that won’t take up too much of your garden, leaving your house a home and yet enabling you to work in comfort without having to travel more than a few steps.

Read on to find ways of making a home office work for you.

Inspirational Home Offices

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