5 Top Roofing Materials         

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

There is a variety of shingles available in the market for roofing, but there are some individual shingles that have distinctive features. The following information would help you see the pros and cons of five top materials for roofing so you can buy the appropriate one for your house.

Asphalt Shingles:

Economic features of asphalt shingles show us that is the right product for all those who are looking for low-cost shingles. The cost of the single per square is $70-$120, and the shingles are easy to install, and you can reinforce the shingles with organic material. The reinforcement would not change the physical appearance of asphalt shingles. Some colors of shingles give you the opportunity to get your favorite shingles. However, a little life span and no insulation are the only drawbacks of the shingles. You can get the service of asphalt roofing for 20- 25 years with adopting the strategies of good maintenance. People living with customary suburban lifestyle can install the shingles.

Clay and Concrete Tiles:

The elegance and quality of asphalt shingles make the material fall in a top category of shingles. The shingles are thick and durable for usage. You have to hire professionals for installing genuine flat and scalloped clay tiles.  The cost of concrete tiles varies from clay times as clay is cumbersome and expensive than real material. The tiles are very energy efficient and non-combustible, but they are costly and cumbersome, so you need to have extra budget for spending on your house. The shingles are suitable for people living in Mediterranean and Southwestern style of homes. The tiles are available at $300-$500 per square and durability can take up to 40 years of service.

Metal Roofing:

The features of weather resistant and two different types make metal roofing one of the preferable shingles for people living in the moist climate. The shingles are available in aluminum and stainless steel. Copper and zinc shingles are also famous in the market. The light-weight makes it very easy to install the shingles, and it also has recycling features that are not present in other shingles. Metal roofing can last more than 70 years with $100-$800 per square cost. We cannot deny the durability of shingles, but the only disadvantage is that the shingles are expensive.  People living in bungalows and cottage-style homes can buy the metal roofing for long-term protection.


There are a variety of designs and colors available in slate. Green, purple and gray colors in slate show the elegant appearance of house roofing. The material is highly durable and fire-resistant. It also comes with the recycling features that make it expensive. You would require professional team such as Northville Roofing Contractors for installing the shingles it has heavy. The imported shingles vary in quality of usage. You can buy per square shingle in $600 of a cost that would give you 50-100 years of service. People living in colonial and French chateau homes can install shingles as roofing material.

Wood Shingles and Shake:

The traditional wood shingles are beautiful in appearance, and it gives a hand-made look that seems very impressive. Wood shingles also come with the fire-resistant property, but it is only available in particular type of shingles. The shingles are redwood and cedar that give a very natural look to your house. The only disadvantage is the fire code that prohibits the use of shingles in some areas.  It is available in $100-$150 of cost with 25-30 years of lifetime. People living in a bungalow and Tudor-style homes can install the wood and cedar shingles in their homes. If your roof is damaged and beyond repair then in that case you really need to contact professional Roofing contractors in Northville Michigan for a professional advice.

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