Getting Your Roof Done: The Professional Advantage

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Because of its role in keeping your entire home protected from damage related to water, heat, and other outdoor threats, your roof has to be well taken care of. However, many homeowners wish to save on costs so many will attempt to do their own repairs and replacement or hire the neighborhood handyman to do it for them. Unfortunately, this means they’re missing out on the benefits that hiring a professional brings, which include:

  1. Knowledge and Experience

Roofing has various aspects: inspection, repair, replacement, and new construction. All of these need to be completed following certain steps and measures to be effective.

For instance, inspection is not as simple as it seems. Every roof component must be checked, as well as other parts of the home with functions linked to the roof. Repairs must also be done properly and according to industry standards, or else the effort will go to waste when the roof fails again sooner than expected. The same goes for replacement and new roof construction.

Only a knowledgeable, experienced, and trained roofer can offer the expertise required for any roofing job, ensuring you make the most of your roofing investment.

  1. Compliance with Industry and Manufacturer Standards 

When you hire a professional to work on your roof, you can expect that you’ll be provided with quality. Professional roofers are, after all, adept with industry and manufacturer standards, ensuring that not only will you be provided with top-notch products but that these roofing products will also installed properly. Aside from ensuring performance, proper installation is also an assurance that your home will be safe because your roofer adhered to the necessary building codes.

  1. Access to Quality Materials

Roofing manufacturers are strict with whom they allow offering their products, carrying out certification programs to ensure proper installation. Work with a certified roofer then and you can guarantee that you’re being provided with only the best products and materials around. Different roofing manufacturers may have different certification requirements but they all point to the same thing: a certified roofer is one who has met standards set by leaders in the industry.

Aside from access to quality materials and expert installation work, hiring a certified professional may also mean better warranty terms compared to what standard policies offer.

  1. Time and Cost Efficiency

Because they are equipped with the required knowledge, experience, tools, and technologies, professional roofers are able to do the job right the first time. This leads to:

  • Completion of the roofing project according to the agreed-upon schedule
  • No materials and products wasted
  • No need for repeat work that could mean extra costs and more time spent

Professional installation does save you money by helping prevent additional work but what a lot of homeowners may appreciate more is the speed at which roof work is completed, which translates to loads of convenience, especially for those with families. The sooner roof work is done, after all, the sooner everyone can go back to their daily grind.

  1. Warranties and Guarantees

As mentioned earlier, professional roofers are able to offer better terms than standard product warranties. They are able to do so because they are backed by manufacturers, who believe in their work because these roofing professionals have met certification requirements. While product warranties are generally offered by manufacturers, craftsmanship guarantees are provided by contractors. How extensive a craftsmanship guarantee is will tell you how confident a professional roofer is in their work. The more generous warranty and guarantee terms are, however, the better.

Finding the Right Roofer    

Now that you know how advantageous it is to hire a professional roofer, your next step is to find one to work with. Actually, it’s not that hard to find a roofing contractor as there will surely be more than a handful operating in your area. What may give you a bit more trouble is zeroing in on the right one to work with.

To help you narrow down your options, you can start with making sure the roofing contractor you’re interested in has a physical address and working phone number. Aside from making it easy for you to contact them, having the two is one way for you to assess if you’re dealing with storm chasers, which you should avoid.

Next, check for permits, licenses, and certifications. This will help you take stock of what a roofer is capable of, ensuring you will be provided with the quality work you expect. You can also ask for references to talk to previous customers and even see some of the previous work the roofer you are interested in has completed in the past.

Roofing jobs are significant and important investments so they should only be carried out by professionals. Leaving them to the experts helps you avoid mishaps which can not only delay the completion of your roof repair or replacement but can also lead to additional tasks that can increase overall cost. Make sure you work with a professional roofer, however, and you should have nothing to worry about.


Author Bio:

Gary Howard is the president of Howard Roofing and Home Improvements. After his father, Bobby, the company’s founder, retired, he took over with 16 years of experience in the roofing industry already under his belt. Using the same ethics that guided his father, he was able to take the company to new levels. For updates from Gary, check out the company blog!